Primary Author: Tim Stobbs (aka: Canadian Dream)

Tim is an engineer his late thirties with two kids who decided working to 65 sounds like a bad idea. So at first he thought freedom 55 could be good, but he changed his mind. He revised his retirement target for his 45th 40th birthday.

Then he retired in the fall of 2017 before his 40th birthday. By the way, he plans to do some writing as a hobby which might produce some income during his early retirement period.

If you want a bit more information on his background you should read this post.  Tim lives in Regina, SK.


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13 thoughts on “About”

  1. I guess I’m you in twenty-something years (although the American accountant version).

    Not many blogs out there dealing with the dream to retire that aren’t totally focused on the money part. I’m retiring at 44 in 7 weeks (yes counting down) and have appreciated your commentary on the subject near and dear to my heart. Thanks!

  2. Sydney,

    Actually I’m in my very late, like almost done, 20’s. So you would be the 15 year older version of me.

    It’s always good to hear about someone who is closing in on their dream. Keep me posted on how things go.


  3. This is my first time to your blog… I love finding new Canadian based bloggers with cool stories and articles! I just quit my job… I call it semi-retirement because I am working on our investments and websites now.

    Retirement is relative isn’t it?? Have you thought about what you’ll do when you retire at 45?

  4. Julie,

    Yes retirement is relative. It changes for each person. I know I’m going to spend more time writing and possibly get involved in some politics. I have a few ideas of hobbies I want to do some more work on woodworking and gardening.


  5. i loved your blog.This is my first time to your blog like a Julie.But i opposite in this case.I’m going to start my new career in my 45.And I believe in my new idea that will bring in my family more luck.We love each other.I wish your family best.Good luck to you.

  6. Canadian Dream – I actually have a very similar goal, and orginally planned to retire at 40. After the downturn, the plan is now 42 from my current occupation.

    The goal is to have $3 million CASH in the bank by 42, and at least one of my properties paid off.

    It’s great to see fellow Canadians blog about finance!


    Financial Samurai

  7. I’m new to the blog world. Both reading and writing.

    My goal is actually quite the opposite of yours. I’m not in any hurry to retire and I’m looking forward to working past 65. However, I love reading your blog and it’s good to challenge our preconceived ideas. Keep it up.

    In fact I’m writing a posting about your blog right now 🙂

  8. Funny, I have the same goal, with a bit of a twist. Financial Liberation by age 45. I think the word retirement is relative and the real goal is:

    to do what you want when you want.


  9. Canadian Dream: I think I’m a cross between yourself and Early Retirement Extreme.

    I’m just over 41% towards retirement. This I think will take me less than 7 years giving me retirement (or work becoming optional as I like to think of it) just a little before 45.

    To achieve this I’m saving around 60% of my gross earnings by living frugally.

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