Hobby Time Results

So a few people have wondered how exactly my miniature terrain building hobby is going after I mentioned starting it a few months back.  So I thought I would show you what you can do with just a bit of cardboard, insulation foam, a hot glue gun, craft paint and a lot of time (see the gallery below).

This isn’t even everything I’ve built but rather a sample as I have even more projects in progress right now.  I take all my pictures with the same 28mm miniature to help people get the scale of everything.  But for those of you not familiar with those minis that the beer on the bar is smaller than my pinky finger nail.  My personal favorite projects have been the camp fire and the smoke clouds as they use LED lights with a flicker effect.

So what is the point of this hobby? Well I enjoy doing something with a bit of an artistic component and a bit of problem solving which building terrain fits the bill nicely. Most people don’t really care about it but I enjoy the process of making things and then seeing my kids’ faces when I use the items in our game.  So it is worth it to me even if society at large won’t really ever know much of anything about it.

Which I guess is the main point.  I do this hobby because I care and honestly you don’t really need more than that for your hobbies in retirement.  So what are some of your odd hobbies?  Why do you enjoy them?