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At Last! A practical guide to early retirement in Canada!

Free at 45 doesn’t require you to win the lottery, be a real estate tycoon, know how to pick great stocks or even have that much saved up yet.  All you need is a strong desire to leave your job decades early than everyone else and a willingness to figure out what actually makes you happy!

In this book you will learn:

  • Why your house is probably more important to your retirement plan than your pension plan.
  • How to apply the new field of behavioral finance to your life to save more and be happier doing it.
  • How to start living your dreams today and not wait until retirement.
  • How to answer the question: “How much do I need to retire early?”

You can get order your copy of Free at 45 with a discount to your shipping.  Just pick your format below:

Printed copy (8.5 x 5.5, perfect bound, 162 pages).  Please order from Amazon (see right sidebar for a link).

Can’t wait for the printed version to ship? Well you can download an ebook version in just a few minutes for $7.95.  Available in HTML, Kindle, Epub, PDF, LRF and Palm Doc formats.

Want to see more of the book before you buy? Check out this HTML version where you can read the first 15% of the book for free.

Book Reviews

“I’m 50 years old and know that I could have benefitted greatly from reading this book when I was 30!”

“Free at 45 addresses early retirement from a different perspective than many of the most popular books. First of all, it does not set an age limit on the activity.” Mr Money Mustache

“The book overall is a great resource for those considering retirement, whether it’s early or not.  Tim’s beliefs about personal finance and retirement align with much of my own, which is perhaps why I found the book to be such an easy read.” Million Dollar Journey

“First, he is hilarious. I found myself laughing out loud throughout the entire book. But most importantly? The guy knows his stuff. His writing style made it easy for me to understand what he was saying, and I felt like he was speaking directly to me. Also, he broke down the numbers and really helped me to see the math behind what he was talking about.” Give  Me Back My Five Bucks

“It does a great job of introducing the idea of retiring well before age 65, without getting bogged down in details. The tone is consistently positive, but I don’t feel that the ideas are over-optimistic. Tim includes an appropriate level of realism, which will give anyone considering this course of action plenty to think about.” Financial Thinking

“The opening chapters of his book really hit home in sense that retirement is often not a final destination for many. As simple as it may sound, understanding what it really is that makes you happy, will often determine your approach to retirement.” The Wealthy Canadian

13 thoughts on “Free at 45 – The Book”

  1. Hi, admire on your journey and wanted to do the same.

    Would there any chance be possible to get your book for free ?

  2. Why do you close the comments on most your posts so quickly – or at all? Seems strange to me. Some are closed after only a few weeks. Makes no sense. Otherwise I love your content.

  3. Auden – Actually that setting was adjusted to 14 days after a post went up and that had more to do with my posting schedule at the time. Thanks for pointing that out. I had changed the setting to 30 days now.

  4. Actually it won’t be available via Amazon well ever. It was an oversight when it was first published. If you want a kindle compatible copy you can get one over at Smashwords as that is one of the file type options.

  5. @Connie – That’s a bit of longer answer. I’ll add it to my list of post ideas and write a follow up to this post. My RRSP accounts are setup using ETFs so I can cover that.

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