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Wandering Reading #3

Welcome to my weekly summary of links. I hope you enjoy a few of the following items.

  1. Investoid looks at the implications of the Bank of Canada raising interest rates soon and he also has a contest for anyone who wants to win a subscription to the National Post online (deadline to enter is Friday).
  2. JD over at Get Rich Slowly found a great tool about determining your class (lower, middle, upper) which I found very amusing, since according to it I’m in the upper class. So where’s my maid then?
  3. The Money Gardener takes a look at his saving rate and is off to a great start.
  4. The Canadian Capitalist is again rolling out another list of new blogs and has a great post on the research on the financial circumstances of retirees which is just full of interesting information.
  5. The Dividend Guy has a great post of the implications of Walmart offering brokerage services.

Wander Reading #2

It’s been a busy week of reading for me. I’ve been having a bit of a problem narrowing down the field, but here is what I like this week. Enjoy.

  1. Canadian Capitalist has a great post on spending habits in retirement which shows it actually goes down.
  2. Crunch Money has an interesting idea on creating a social network for us personal finance addicts.
  3. Here is a great article on why my house price keeps going up.
  4. The Money Diva talks about how to deal with a huge expense (like an over sized tax bill).
  5. Financial Jungle talks about Exotic Retirements and their cheap price tag.
  6. JD over at Get Rich Slowly takes a look at a rain barrel and if it will save you money, which I’ve been thinking about installing myself.

Wandering Reading #1

Today marks our first Wandering Reading post. I was thinking about posting the entire Problogger Top 5 list, but instead I’ve included a summary list (from Grad Money Matters) and here is the main list if you would like to keep busy for the entire long weekend.

  1. The Top 5 Ways to Become a Millionaire by Jeremy
  2. The Top Five Steps to Grow Your Net Worth by FMF
  3. Top 5 Ways To Save Money Without Noticing by jim
  4. Top 5 Reasons Personal Finance Blogs Are Better Than The Media by Canadian Dream
  5. Top 5 Reasons To Save For Retirement Now! by Retire Happy
  6. Top 5 Reasons I Started and Continue A Personal Finance Blog by Sun
  7. Top 5 Good Reasons to Sell a Stock by Q
  8. Why Your Mom is the Engine of Growth in the Global Economy by Ben
  9. Top 5 Financial Tips for Recent Graduates by Elizabeth
  10. Five Reasons That Credit Cards Rock and Debit Cards Suck by nickel
  11. 5 ways to reduce your car’s fuel consumption (and save you money) by Scott Bird
  12. Top 5 Obsessions Of A Finance Blogger: Stuff I Like And How It Affects My Wallet by Silicon Valley Blogger
  13. How to Budget for a New Baby – 5 Top Tips by Maria Crickett
  14. Top 5 Ways to Save Money While in School by Brett McKay
  15. Top five ways to kill your retirement dreams by mbhunter
  16. More Money: 5 Ways to Earn Extra Cash in Your Spare Time by J.D. Roth
  17. 5 Steps To Improve Your Credit Score by derek
  18. Top Five Reasons to Index Your Portfolio by Canadian Capitalist
  19. The 5 Smart Things To Do When You Purchase An Item With A Warranty by Dana
  20. Top 5 Paths to a Million Dollars by Lazy Man and Money
  21. Top 5 Mistakes Made By Real Estate Investors During the Housing Bubble by Joshua Dorkin
  22. Top 5 Ways To Go Broke by Nirav Desai
  23. A simple Top 5 trading/investing checklist by Falkor
  24. Top 5 Wealth Secrets by Chee Kui
  25. Top 5 Tips for the College Grad by Kim Roach (Not really “personal finance”, but great advice for recent grads!)