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Wander Reading#11

So I’ve been really bad about having the occasion link post.  So I’ve decided to try doing a weekend post once in a while.

Zen Habits shows us have to have the best year ever.

Four Pillars talks about the US stimulus package.

Retired Syd asks if she is ready to volunteer (which is a much better message from a US president than go shopping after terrorists attacks).

So if you are looking for a new job check out the latest on Sqawkfox’s resume series.

Preet mentions he is not giving up his latte’s any time soon regardless of the factor involved.

Oh, one last thing.  I’ve finally decided to try Twitter.  So if you want to follow along I’ve added a widget to the site sidebar which will show more of the behind the scenes of the blog.

Wander Reading #10

Every once in a while I come across a blogger going through a messy situation and I’m always impressed when they keep writing about it.  For example, Pushing Thirty lost her job.  Despite that fact she continues to update us on her troubles and progress of being unemployed.

One of my favorite bloggers, Jacob, from Early Retirement Extreme has a great new project on the go: The Early Retirement Extreme 30 Day Makeover.  Basically it’s a guide to cutting costs back to less than $10,000/per adult/year and retiring early in five years.  Extreme indeed, but very interesting.

The Financial Blogger questions why we trust McDonalds more the the British Government?!?

Retired Syd points out you can used to retirement time to spend 10,000 hours to get really good at something.  Heck compared to working this will only take five years.

Million Dollar Journey is giving away $450 in stuff for his blog’s second birthday!  So go enter already.