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Can I Kill My Bank Now?

Alright, I try not to rant too much on this site. Yet over the last week I’ve managed to get such a good story together I had to share.

It started with the idea I would be better off with more life insurance rather than mortgage insurance. So when a good deal came into my lap I applied for some additional life insurance. That finally got finished last week. So I’m now ready to cancel my mortgage insurance with my bank. By the way, anyone wanting to make my wife exessively wealthy should kill me in the next few days.

The problem is when I want to cancel the mortgage insurance, I almost swear they are trying to be unhelpful at my bank. I first phoned in to talk to someone to confirm what they need to cancel the policy. They assure me that they require a signature and I can either write a letter or just drop into my local branch and sign a form there.

I had the day off, so I decided to just take a few minutes and stop in at my local branch. I tell the teller what I want to do. She gets this blank look on her face and says, “So you want to cancel your mortgage insurance?”

“Yes.” I replied, while thinking I just spent the last minute explaining that to you.

“I’ll have to go talk to someone.”

I managed to keep the smile on my face and reply “That’s fine.”

About fifteen minutes later she come back. “You will need to write a letter and also get your wife to sign since her name in on the mortgage.”

“Alright, but why didn’t the first person I talk to today from your bank mention that. I thought there was a form I could just sign.”

“Well I don’t know about any form, if you would like to just wait a minute?” As she indicates she needs to talk to someone again.

At this point I’ve taken all the run around I can stand in a day. “Nevermind, I’ll just write a letter. Thanks for your help.”

Perhaps it was just me, but I can’t stand the run around on anything.