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I Have No Concept of Time

WOW!  I’ve so lost any concept of time in just over a week.  I mean I forgot I had to write a post today until my wife reminded me this morning.  My initial feeling of one endless weekend is starting to wear off and I’m just beginning to realize the feeling of this is my new life for six weeks.

I wonder if this is a common thing when taking an extended leave off.  I’ve felt this lost of time before while on vacation a bit, but never to this degree before.  For example, I went to the library to pick something up in the morning and forgot it didn’t open until 1pm because it was Sunday.  I thought it could have been a weekday.

I’m starting to think I need to impose a little bit more structure to my days to make sure I actually get something done (other than cuddling with the new baby or playing cars with my oldest, which are fun but I have noticed I tend to let the dishes pile up and I’ve been ignoring my mostly brown front lawn).  My wife is making significant steps forward in her recovery from the c-section so going forward she can start to help out a bit more with everything.

At the same time I’m concerned about trying to impose too much structure on my day.  We do have a new born in the house and a seemingly endless stream of company showing up with gifts and having a visit.  So in the end I think a floating to do list is a good idea.  I’ll write down ideas of things to do and just chip a couple of items off each day.  Also I like my wife’s idea of the PJ rule.  We have to be dressed for the day and out of of PJ’s by noon each at the latest.

Also this blog will slowly get back to discussing more personal finance issues as time moves along.  I’ve been ignoring my google reader account for over a week (big surprise) so as I read everyone’s posts for the last week I’m sure that will generate a tonne of new ideas for posts.

So have you ever lost complete concept of time?  How did you like it and what did you do to get it back?

The Water War Goes Public

As if writing about my goals to reduce my water bill on this blog wasn’t public enough. I’m now in the National Post about it. Read here.

I should point out Karen got a few things a little wrong, but it was a short interview, so I can’t blame her.  To clarify: my current home is my second house and I only have replaced one toilet so far, but I’m replacing my second this spring.  Yet I have also replaced all my shower heads with low flow versions to save money.

The Crossroads

After considerable internal debate I want to run an idea past you all.  You see I’ve been posting five days a week for over a year now and I’ve come to an important conclusion: my writing sucks.  There isn’t any reason to sugar coat this, it really does suck some days.  This issue is my first draft of anything tends to suck due to the fact I think about ten times faster than I can type.  The advantage I have is I know this and if I can put away the writing for a while and come back to it I can usually improve it to an acceptable standard.  So most of the writing in my professional life tends to be fairly good, yet in an attempt to keep up the five posts a week schedule I often posted stuff before it was really ready to be published on this blog.

I’ve made a few attempts to get ahead on my writing for this blog by a week or more, but something always seems to come up and consume the extra drafts. So in the end I accept that method doesn’t work for me and since I just can’t seem to write short posts I find myself at a crossroads.  So I can either:

  1.  Keep up the current schedule and we accept the writing at its current level or
  2.  I can forget about the schedule and focus on producing better quality of posts and accept the five days a week schedule might go out the window.  This would also mean posts would be published at different times in a day (morning, noon or at night depending on when I finish editing a post).

This debate has come up now and again before on this blog in various comments and posts and I feel it is time to put this out for open comment.  So what would you rather see: option number 1 or 2? Feel free to be brutally honest.