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Construction Zone

Good day,

This is a warning that I’m going to be upgrading the site’s theme right away.  So if things look funny or out of place, please be patient as I get around to fixing everything.

If you notice a problem, please leave  a comment on this post and I’ll add it to my list of items to deal with.



Read It All

So the other day I ran into a reader who pointed out something to me about the blog…reading all 1850 post in my archive is a pain in the butt do to the organization of the archive as you have to go month by month and scroll by three posts at a time.  So to deal with this problem I added a new page to the blog called Post List which lists every single post in this blog from newest to oldest.  So yes, I’m enabling the brave souls that want to binge read the blog.  Have fun!


Timmy Fell Down a Well

So you must be wondering by now, did I hit my head and fall down a well and have been recovering in hospital for the last month? Um, yes that would make a good story but the simple fact is I decided at the last minute to do National Novel Writing Month again. So I wrote like 2/3 of my next novel…or ~54,000 words (which is about 216 pages in manuscript format) over the month of November.

Now that is over I’m dropping down to a much saner pace to finish the novel and so you should start seeing several of the posts I started to write in the last month finally get finished and posted.  So I did think about you guys, but didn’t actually finish any additional posts.  On the plus side I’ve learned that I write a LOT faster if I do just a bit more plotting of my work in advance.  Since I typically don’t do that with these posts I’m sort of curious to try the idea out here and see what happens.

But so you have idea on what’s coming, I’ve got some material drafted on:

  • Net worth updates
  • Career history
  • The nature of time and your perceptions of it
  • Government changes and your tax bill

If you have any requests, please let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to my stack of post ideas.  Meanwhile I’m drying off from the well.