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The New Book – What Do You Want to See?

So when I previously wrote my first book, Free at 45, I did plan to write a follow up book.  The trouble was I wasn’t entirely sure what form that should take for a number of years and therefore I started and stopped a few times on the project.  That was until I retired last year and realized that despite there being a LOT of books on planning for retirement there were very few on what happens after you retire.  So that was my plan…write a book that mainly deals with life after retirement (and yes some of the things leading up to it as well). I want to write a book that is useful for anyone regardless of what age they retire at.

The book doesn’t have a final title yet but I do have a draft table of contents and the book is about half written right now.  I’m still finishing some research for the book so everything isn’t totally firmed up yet.  So dear reader here is  your chance to provide some input on what you want to see.  Feel free to suggest a book title and/or chapters or sections you want to see in the book.  I’m also asking most retirees I meet a single question that I would like you to answer as well: what did you wish you knew prior to your retirement?

And as a bonus to anyone is provides me a title for the book that I love so much that I use it…I will mention your contribution in the acknowledgements and send you an advanced ebook copy of the book prior to its publication date which will occur sometime in 2019.

Thank you in advance for your ideas and input.

Table of contents – Draft

Introduction – An overview of my story and what the book is about.

Part 1 – The Vision

Chapter 1: So what does retirement look like to you?

Chapter 2: What if you don’t know what you want to do in retirement?

Chapter 3: Retire Life is Not as Advertised – A summary of how just about everyone has the wrong idea on what retirement looks like from the media.

Part 2 – The Money

Chapter 4: Money Matters – The basics of you need to know prior to being able to retire like what is your spending, what are you invested in, etc.

Chapter 5: How much money do you need to retire anyways? The 4% rule explained and other considerations.

Chapter 6: Managing Your Retirement Money.  How managing you money changes after you leave work the shift from growth to income investing.

Part 3 – The Happy Factors (Health, Hobbies and Social)

Chapter 7: The Science of Happiness. Overview of research on happiness and its impact on your retirement.

Chapter 8: Get Happy Now (Before Retirement). How to get started on being happier now before you even retire.

Chapter 9: Getting and Staying Healthy. Highlights of relevant research on being healthy and its contribution to your happiness.

Chapter 10: New and Old Friends. How friendships can change with retirement.

Part 4 – Pre-retirment Count Down

Chapter 11: How exactly do you retire anyways? An overview of giving notice, getting paperwork prepared and using up your benefits prior to leaving.

Part 5 – Retired At Last, Now What?

Chapter 12: The Detox or Adjustment Period.  An overview of the initial retirement phase and adjustments.

Chapter 13: The Toxic Workplace Recovery Plan. A chapter devoted to those that are leaving a toxic work environment and special considerations to your first few months off.

Chapter 14: The Play Structure. How you need some structure in your retirement.

Chapter 15: Retirement Productivity. How lazy is too lazy and adjusting your expectations of yourself.

Chapter 16: All the Time in the World. How to actually use all this time in your week to do things.

Chapter 17: Staying Married in Retirement. Dealing with suddenly spending much more time with your spouse.

Chapter 18: Shades of Work. How work in retirement isn’t a bad thing depending on how you do it.

Chapter 19: Past the Detox Phase. After hitting a good routine for retirement what happens next.

Chapter 20: The Early Retiree Problem. When your retirement is longer than your working career and how do you deal with that.

In the Globe and Mail

Hi everyone,

Well it took a while but the Globe and Mail just had a recent article on me and the entire idea of switching from saving for retirement to spending in retirement.  It turned out really nice so go have a read.

And to any new people on the site, please feel free to ask any questions on this post I will do my best to answer.

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Welcome Global News Readers

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Well in case you didn’t know, Global News interviewed me for a nice little article about early retirement. So for anyone new to the site the following links might be helpful.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll try to answer them.