The Library Gig – First Impressions

Well yesterday was my first shift at the new library job and wow I was impressed.

It started off nicely with a staff meeting so I could ‘meet‘ most of my co-workers all at once rather than introducing myself to everyone for the next month.  The odd thing is this is my local branch so I actually know most of the staff by sight as I have been going there for years.  Now I’m just matching names to faces more than anything and I already know they are all nice people. On the flip side all the staff basically recognized me on first sight.  The location also means I can drive to work in five minutes or even walk to it if the weather is nice.

I was given my first two weeks of shifts already but I noted that I might have a few conflicts later on in May with some existing commitments.  But I just mentioned the key dates to my boss and there was no problem with accommodating them.  Which makes things so much easier when you work for a organization that will be flexible with you.

The only downside to this job is there is some evening and weekend work but I knew that going in and I’m okay with that (after all when your week consists nothing but weekend time you don’t get so upset about working the odd Sunday afternoon).  In addition,  there is some extra pay for working past 5pm and weekends.  Also the hours are only about 18 a week so I really don’t work all that often (about three days a week).

The other funny thing that happened was after the initial staff meeting my boss had to go cover the service desk for a while so he just handed me a cart of books and said to shelve them.  No explanation on how or where to do anything.   Which given my experience getting books from this location and my time working at the school library I basically could do 80% of the work with no training or questions.  I now know why I was hired as I can be up to speed in just a week or two which is great for the library.

Then finally the other thing that really struck me was the absolute honestly of my boss telling me to feel free to apply to other jobs in the library system and not to feel obligated to finishing my current term.  I nearly feel out of my chair at that comment.  The organization is unionized so even being on a temporary contract means my application would be considered first prior to any external applications which I didn’t consider until I was told.  I haven’t really even thought about that yet, but it is good to know that I have that option if I find I really enjoy doing this job.

So overall I’m looking forward to this job and seeing if I want to continue working there more later on.  The work is easy to do and honestly my first shift just flew past.  It really is a fun job for me.

[Note: The image at the start of this post is NOT my library…I just wanted to use it since I would LOVE to work in a location like that.]

4 thoughts on “The Library Gig – First Impressions”

  1. I would loooooove to do this when I retire. I always said that I would happily work in a library… 🙂 Have fun!

  2. Or the librarian jobs should be left to graduated technicians or librarians.. creating more of the skills mismatch in Canada…

  3. @Ana – Nope, because no graduate tech or librarian would want a temporary contract Page job. It’s the entry level job and only requires a Grade 10 education. They would look at the next tier up on the job list of a Clerk.

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