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So a few people have wondered how exactly my miniature terrain building hobby is going after I mentioned starting it a few months back.  So I thought I would show you what you can do with just a bit of cardboard, insulation foam, a hot glue gun, craft paint and a lot of time (see the gallery below).

This isn’t even everything I’ve built but rather a sample as I have even more projects in progress right now.  I take all my pictures with the same 28mm miniature to help people get the scale of everything.  But for those of you not familiar with those minis that the beer on the bar is smaller than my pinky finger nail.  My personal favorite projects have been the camp fire and the smoke clouds as they use LED lights with a flicker effect.

So what is the point of this hobby? Well I enjoy doing something with a bit of an artistic component and a bit of problem solving which building terrain fits the bill nicely. Most people don’t really care about it but I enjoy the process of making things and then seeing my kids’ faces when I use the items in our game.  So it is worth it to me even if society at large won’t really ever know much of anything about it.

Which I guess is the main point.  I do this hobby because I care and honestly you don’t really need more than that for your hobbies in retirement.  So what are some of your odd hobbies?  Why do you enjoy them?

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  1. Wonderful! Love your blog.

    1. Do a list of components please , I quite like the Gold…how?
    2. Your camp fires could also be used for awesome Fireball spells!

    It is such a coincidence that one of my “symbols” of the time constraint\frustration imposed by my career was my collection of “Bones” miniature figures for D&D that I could never find the time to paint. Life was too busy to get to them. (I did the Kickstarter and have over 250 of them!, money I had time I did not)


    A straw on the camel’s back for my early retirement was the turning down of hobbies and interests knowing that it would just frustrate the heck out of me not having the time to do those things. I was settling into my 50’s and capitulation that my life was that of a “worker-drone”. (People at work seemingly convincing themselves that studying for COBIT exams on the weekend was enjoyable). As seniority came more and more responsibility expected of my time, energy and attention. What I have found with age is a general reduced level of energy, very subtle, in my 30’s driving home from work I would turn right and go to the gym then in my 40’s (especially on cold winter dark evenings) I would have less energy and go directly home, slowly you find you have “office- body” formation etc.

    More and more often I would have to pass on my gang of D&D players Sunday evening, too much already packed in the weekend as the week was spoken for.
    I have dragged out my paints and my Bones as it is a great hobby in these cold Canadian winters.

    My gang are doing Gloomhaven now, I highly recommend you pick it up, all your items will fit perfectly and they have unpainted character mini’s you can express yourself with.

  2. Wow this is quite amazing. I mentioned this before and will say it again =) you should think about putting these on Youtube if you plan on making lots more. It’s great to see the finished product, but I’m sure it will be fun to see the process of making them!

  3. @Dream – Thanks!

    @BG – Well check out this video for an overview of treasure piles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FR80TaEc0KQ. I used cardboard for the base then hot glue in stages (let the first part cool prior to the next layer) and then white glue and gold glitter for the gold pieces. Finally I added some small crystals for the gems and then put a black wash over it all (just very diluted black paint with a drop of dish soap). I laughed at your Bones 4 link as I also ordered the base set from them and I’m waiting for my mini horde to arrive and then have to paint them over the next few years. Thanks for the idea on Gloomhaven I’ll keep in mind after we try out Frostgrave this weekend.

    @misuchiru – Well I did actually consider your idea. I even watched some content about how to make Youtube videos but after thinking about it for a while I decided against it. Why? It would involve learning an entirely new skills set which I’m not that interested in (video recording & editing). Also I think there already are lots of great ideas out there with existing YouTube channels so I don’t think I would be adding much in terms of overall new content. And finally I really don’t need another hobby when I’m already have plans to expand my beer brewing hobby into all grain brewing this spring. Besides doing that would serious cut into my writing time when I’m trying to finish the first draft of the new book by the end of March.

  4. Hi Tim, thanks for clarifying! Yeah I also thought about it after I wrote my post and realized that there’s going to be quite a bit of work involved to film and edit and that’s probably going to make the entire process less enjoyable. Maybe you can make a section on your blog dedicated to these creations if you plan to make many more, just a suggestion. =)

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