Nov 2018 – Net Worth

Welcome to my net worth posts where I try to prove to myself and you that I wasn’t crazy for leaving work in the fall of 2017 to start my early retirement.   A few important notes:  we are mortgage free and our goal is have our income/investment gains exceed our spending by 102% on a 12 month rolling average (the extra 2% is a buffer for inflation).



RRSP $64,000
LIRA $17,300
TFSA $94,840
Pension $171,220
Wife’s RRSP $91,390
Wife’s TFSA $85,380
Wife’s Taxable $42,800
High Interest Savings Account $29,290

Investment Net Worth $596,220 ($6100 increase over last month from investments)

Home Equity

Estimate $395,000


To keep things simple I’m only going to track what income comes into our main ‘house’ chequing account.  I won’t be tracking my wife’s or my businesses income as those don’t really matter until the money moves over to the ‘house’ account.  Also I won’t track investment gains since that is covered above.

  • Wife’s Monthly Payment to House: $550
  • Child Tax: $340
  • Interest $28
  • Total Income: $918


Last Month $2942

This included $1024 for dental work (mostly cleanings) and we started our Christmas shopping ($610).  So other than those two item not a bad month.


Net Worth ~$991,220

This Month Investment Gains & Income/Spending Ratio = (6100+918)/2942 = 2.39 (Target 1.02 or higher)

Dec 2017 to Nov 2018 Invest Gain & Income/Spending Ratio = (-27588+16507)/33428 =-0.33 (Target 1.02 or higher)


This month was slightly better after the disaster of Oct 2018 but I am still down overall for the last year with a negative ratio result which sort of sucks since I have to take out some cash right away for next year.

The other factor that kicks into play here is my ratio is based on a 12 month average so I just stripped out the results of Sept, Oct, Nov 2017 which were really good so that made the results look even worse.  If you put those back in the overall decrease in investments since I retired is only $3641.

I’m still not in needed to use a backup plan mode here so while it sucks it isn’t terminal to my retirement plan.

Any questions?

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