Unloading the Back End

So in the interest of full public disclosure you can no longer read every post I’ve ever written on this blog.  Why? Because I just deleted about 330 old posts from 2006 to 2008 period which sounds like a lot but to be honest we were closing in to 2000 posts on this blog and over 12,000 comments.

You might be wondering why I did that?  Short answer, the blog is almost 12 years old and the overall database to run it was approaching one GB in size.  My web host company was sending me notices that I’m going to run out of memory soon and rather than upgrade my memory for the blog I decided to review some of the older posts and I realized a lot of them were no longer relevant or even useful.

For example, do you care about my commentary on the 2007 Federal budget? Or that post I did about going on vacation in 2008? Or those admin posts about changing domains? Or what I was reading for other blog posts back in 2006?  Well I don’t so I deleted them.

However I did leave some of my favorite posts and of course all my net worth and retirement calculations series.  So the core of what I did in those early years is still there for your reading pleasure…just be aware that some of those older cross links might no longer work.

Thanks dear readers, I really do appreciate you all.  I will return later this week to my first year of retirement series.

3 thoughts on “Unloading the Back End”

  1. Thanks for the update Tim, as long as you are not removing any of those retirement related blog posts it sounds completely fine to me. I really appreciate you sharing your retirement journey so that I know I’m not alone. I’m still a bit hesitant to tell people that I have retired and I’m not even 40, just because I don’t like answering that question of “why”. Even with my financial planner, whenever I have discussions with her about my RRSP etc., she would always make the assumption that I will work again, it’s like she doesn’t believe that I’m serious about retirement, so everytime I would just answer that no I don’t think I will lol.

    I also appreciate that you are disclosing your family’s net worth to the public, because not everyone is willing to share these with others (I would assume that your friends and former colleagues also read these posts).

  2. @ misuchiru – Yep, all the retirement ones ares still in tact. As to telling people you are retired, I find it depends on the audience. I will tell people I know that I retired from engineering to write which seems to go over well. But people I meet at some social event and will never see again…I just say I write books. Find out what works best for you and you don’t have to tell everyone if you don’t want to.

    @Derek S – Yah! One more year. You can do this and then enjoy life on the other side.

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