The Early Retirement Spring

Well folks I feel a bit bad that I haven’t been writing much here this month but in all honestly I’ve been rather busy in my yard for a good lot of this month.

Classic retirement advice is to leave work in the spring or summer and I now understand that advice…it is really easy to stay busy in your yard and not feel remotely bored.  We planted the garden and the flowers, then did some lawn maintenance (racking and fertilizing),  getting the lawn mower ready for the season and I fixed some settling in my backyard patio and I’m trying to stay on top of the weeds that seem to be growing faster than I can pull them.  And I still have a few other projects to do in the yard which I haven’t even bought materials for yet.  Rather than cramming this into my weekends I’ve been able to just keep working a bit on these items each day which is a lot more of a relaxed pace.

I also have spent so much time outside this month I actually have a tan that is better than I usually have at the end of summer. My brother even got me back in the habit of running again so I’ve also been doing that three times a week which again gets me outside even more.  It’s really nice to be able to wear shorts almost ever day and enjoy a drink on the patio in the afternoon with my wife.

So overall I am loving the entire concept of the early retirement spring perhaps the only downside of it has been the fact that a lot of writing projects have suffered because of it.  After all who wants to spend time in doors on a computer when I can be outside either working in the yard, reading a book, having a coffee or going for a walk while doing an errand?

So how about you?  Do you spend way more time outside in spring?  If so, what do you enjoy doing?

5 thoughts on “The Early Retirement Spring”

  1. No way! My lovely spouse raised on a farm enjoys all things related to yard work so in my generous spirit I let her have it all. I retired in January a few years ago and had no trouble keeping busy since. I love outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, fishing, running, tennis, off roading, etc. But there isn’t anything about gardening or yard work that appeals to me, yuck, that’s work!

  2. I sit on my side deck, drinking coffee and overlooking the street (watching neighbours go off to work…), while I either read or write for about the first hour every morning. Then I grab my computer and sit on the side deck while I check email, LinkedIn, Feedly, Facebook, Twitter, and the weather. At 9:30, I usually check the stock market. Then breakfast and more news/stock market. Around 11, I start getting ready for a bike ride and am usually gone for a couple or a few hours (40-60km, typically). Shower, lunch, maybe a few minutes of yard work, practice guitar, then about an 8km walk with my wife to and through the Guelph University Arboretum, which takes about 1.25 hours. Then it’s usually close to dinner time. That’s a typical day at the moment, and has been most sunny spring days for the past 5 years.

  3. Hi,
    I retired this spring and I am loving being outdoors as well. I play in 2 golf leagues as well as I am in 3 tennis round robins a week. Since my husband and I are off to Iceland next month I am hiking a few hours a week. Last, but not least, I do an hour of yoga most days.
    So my retirement is very active. I love falling in bed exhausted each night. I have just started a blog on WordPress if you would like to check it out and give feedback.

  4. Being ‘semi-retired’, my days really do vary which I find invigorating. Some days are lower key, and I balance between relaxing a bit and catching up on the endless to do list around our country property. Other days, I’m running off my feet for extended hours doing manual labour for my business. Either way, I feel satisfied and have a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day, all the while improving my physical and mental condition. I honestly think having a purpose and sense of accomplishment each day is important.

  5. I LOVE this stuff!! I’ve just started my foray into semi “practice retirement” – not sure if I just need a sabbatical from my law practice or whether I will push on full steam ahead after a while (I’m about to spend six weeks in France to follow the Tour and experience more of the reality of full time European living).

    In any case I can totally relate to the yardwork mentality – definitely one thing I spend a lot of time doing to keep me busy. But I’m a cyclist, backpacker and long distance walker too (did 16 miles on Saturday), so I do mix it up.

    Would love to chat with everyone here at some point.

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