Well that went on WAY longer than I expected. Yes folks after over two months of vanishing from the internet I am back!

So what the hell happened? Well short version is: I was stuck in tech support hell.

The long version is: I’ve had the occasional problem with the fact I had my domain with one company and my hosting at another company. So around Christmas when another error happened to knock me offline I decided to switch my domain company to the hosting company to keep things simple (or so I thought). But what I didn’t realize is by doing that I was locking in the problem for a while since I couldn’t do anything until the transfer was complete. Then after finally getting the domain transferred I was stuck offline with a less than helpful tech support group. Finally after two other people I know had a look at the issue they sorted out the issue was likely the DNS server settings. So after a few other back and forth with the tech support group the DNS issue was resolved and I finally got a blank screen rather than an error message when loading the site. Then with some additional support from a friend we sorted out a login issue and the blog loaded with a tonne of error messages…and those I could finally do something about. So after troubleshooting a few of those I can finally write you this blog post.

So dear reader, I as sorry this took so long. I didn’t mean to go away and I am happy to be back and owe you several blog posts. Thanks to those that reached out to find out where I went. I was happy to get the messages asking where I had gone.

Of course all of this messing around with the blog has likely screwed up all sorts of things that I know about and those I don’t know about yet. So please feel free to send me an email with anything you notice. I appreciate the help.

It feels really good to finally be back!

10 thoughts on “Reborn”

  1. Thanks everyone. Happy to be here again.

    @K2 – Oh even with a lottery win I would likely keep writing. Just the stories might be a bit different in that case.

  2. I thought you had decided to retire and vanish like some other FI bloggers.

    Glad to see you’re back, sorry to hear about all the issues.

  3. I usually lurk and don’t post comments but wanted to say that I’m really pleased to see you’re back! I started reading your blog chronologically about six months ago and had only got to about 2014 when you disappeared. I kept checking back repeatedly hoping you would reappear and now you have. Finding this has made my day! Thanks for all your writing and interesting posts which inspire me to keep my own FIRE dream alive πŸ™‚

  4. Great, now I look like some sort of crazed fan/complete dork who has managed to post the same comment three times. :-/

  5. @Louisa – Well thank you for the nice comment. I am impressed you are reading all of the blog! I deleted the extra comments. Accidents happen.

  6. Good to see you back. I figured it was some awful technical issue, not that you hadn’t paid your dues or skipped town!

  7. Another long time lurker.
    Very glad to see you back online!
    I very much enjoy the blog.
    It’s hard to make financial information entertaining and frank.

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