Sept 2017 – Net Worth

Okay, I’m done being at work but I’m still on vacation until near the end of October, so in preparation of the next phase of my life (aka: early retirement) I’m making some changes to these net worth posts.  So please be patient as I work out the changes over the next few months.  In that end, the focus of these posts will now shift from increasing our net worth to balancing our income & investment gains versus our spending.

The following is an update of Tim’s early retirement.  Please note we are mortgage free and our goal is have our income/investment gains exceed our spending on a 12 month rolling average but I’m just starting to track this as of this month.



RRSP $61,180
LIRA $16,860
TFSA $86,440
Pension $166,410
Wife’s RRSP $87,540
Wife’s TFSA $78,950
Wife’s Taxable $52,180
High Interest Savings Account $45,470

Investment Net Worth $595,030 ($11,010 increase over last month from $6252 contributions, and investment gains $4758 )

Home Equity

Estimate $395,000


To keep things simple I’m only going to track what income comes into our main ‘house’ chequing account.  I won’t be tracking my wife’s or my businesses income as those don’t really matter until the money moves over to the ‘house’ account. Also I won’t track investment gains since that is covered above.

  • Tim’s Vacation Income: $6560
  • Wife’s Monthly Payment to House: $500
  • Child Tax: $310
  • Reimbursement of Expenses (Tim Work): $290
  • Total Income: $7660


Last Month $2363

We renewed three passports for $377 but otherwise had a good month.

As I mentioned last in previous updates I’m breaking out the renovations separate from the rest of our spending this year.

Trailing Last 12 Month Renovations $9509

Trailing Last 12 Month Average Everything Else $2942 (or $35,305 for the last 12 months)


Net Worth ~$990,030

Investment Gains & Income/Spending Ratio = (4758+7760)/$2363 =5.3 (Target 1 or higher)


While the markets finally had a decent month after being rather stagnate over the summer so that was a nice boost to the investment gains.  As I mentioned above I’m on vacation right now so we have continued to increase our savings until the end of October when I’m officially done work.

Any questions?

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4 thoughts on “Sept 2017 – Net Worth”

  1. @canuckguy – Good job! It’s a bit of good luck on a few stocks that gave me that high of a balance. Of course it could be higher is I didn’t also lose some money on some other stocks. Oh well, such is life.

    @Mic – Not really. About the only change was the increasing our cash in the savings account to pay for living expenses. It’s a bit overly high right now as we are saving for our 2018 TFSA contribution in advance.

  2. Truly impressive. It will be interesting to see how you regulate your withdrawal rate in relation to market ups and downs and how it all works out. We often see the “build-up” side of the early retirement/FIRE equation, but not enough about real life experiences of the living of it and how to manage the money that we have spent so long earning and investing. I also like how you have not ruled out part time work of different types as a sort of backup plan. Really, why not?

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