Reading Challenge – Update

So I meant to put up a post on this last month and then got side tracked.  As you may recall in this post, that I’m working on a challenge to read 100 books this year over at the Goodreads site.  Well back at the end of June I got an update email from the website with the following stats.

  • 59/100 books read
  • 18,848 pages read
  • 319 pages per book average

Alright I thought, I’m doing well so far.  Of course that includes some short works and some monster sized books (700 page+) so the average page per book seemed about right to me.  What made me pause was that page count total of 18,848, over half a year that means I was averaging over 100 pages of reading every single day for six months straight.  What the?!?!?  I knew I read a lot but I didn’t realize that I was averaging that sort of pace.

Yet this does point out the power of doing a habit daily.  I read just about every single day, but of course the amount is all over the map.  Some days I manage perhaps only 20 minutes, while others I will spend the evening finishing off a book for three hours.  The time really doesn’t matter, but rather the habit it what helps drive things forward to help meet my goal.

Now if I could only manage do that with a few other things in my life like flossing or writing, oh well, I keep trying to build those daily habits as well.  Good thing I learned the habit of not spending money earlier in life. 😉 So what daily habits do you have?

2 thoughts on “Reading Challenge – Update”

  1. Regarding making writing a habit, it has to be the first thing I do when I get up in the morning, or it doesn’t get done at all most days. I get up early enough that I can go 2-3 hours before showering and having breakfast, and that is writing time. Then I shower/breakfast and I might do more later, but if that first tranche isn’t covered, I likely won’t do any the whole day.

    You may need to prioritize other things while you are still working a regular job, but when you retire, I highly recommend this strategy 🙂

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