June 2016 – Net Worth

The following is an update of Tim’s plan to retire early.  Please note we are mortgage free.

Our ultimate goal between investments and the home equity is a net worth of around $1 million.  The investment part of that target is $550,000 (or higher).



RRSP $49,800
LIRA $14,900
TFSA $73,710
Pension $140,240
Wife’s RRSP $78,870
Wife’s TFSA $59,060
Wife’s Taxable $37,980
High Interest Savings Account $1860

Investment Net Worth $456,420 (increase of $1630 over last month)

Home Equity

Estimate $375,000


Last Month $6267

About $4500 of that was property tax and house insurance.

Trailing Last 12 Month Average $2445 (or $29,350 for the last 12 months)


PF Score: 28.3 {Target 31}

Net Worth ~$831,420


Well given the gloom of the Brexit, I really expected this update to be worse, but the markets have mostly recovered from the shock and we managed a slight increase overall.

Spending was high for the month, but historically that is ALWAYS the case for June as it is the double doom of property taxes and our house insurance are due at the same time. Yet overall the trailing 12 months is staying in our target range of $30,000 or less.

Any questions?

June 2016 investment net worth

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  1. We are currently at 1 million NW – waiting to pull the trigger anytime. I might be laid off, so that would be a good kickstart to ER at age 42!

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