Hell Can Freeze Over?!?

Much to my shock and utter amazement after delaying the decision for four months the senior management at my employer decided to grant us bonuses for last year.  This is of course after they gave us our usual raise and then took it away earlier this year.  Yup, I know this doesn’t make any sense to me either.

In the end, they decided we just qualified to get them and through some fairly complex calculations I got roughly a bonus roughly equal to 5% of my annual salary.  To say this was unexpected doesn’t begin to cover it. As I pointed out to a co-worker of mine I gave the odds of me getting a bonus as a snowflake spontaneously forming in hell.  Not impossible, just very unlikely.

While I’m being generally being a good boy with the extra money and the vast majority of it will be moved into RRSP accounts.  So between this bonus and my tax refund I’ve had an insane month for income.  I’ll give you all the details later this weekend as I finally get caught up on my net worth posts.

Then I decided to spend a small portion on the windfall on something that I would enjoy: I bought a new laptop.  You see I had previously bought a little netbook computer to do my writing on since I wanted something portable and lightweight…which did work fine for a number of years.  Then I changed to a different writing program that was designed to support larger writing projects (aka books) late last year.  Yet there was a problem…the new program was a bitch to use on my netbook since the display was fairly small.  While I could have just put up with it I thought I would be purely selfish and just buy what I want.

So this is my first post on the shiny new machine and my dear god it is a HELL of a lot faster than my old one.  It’s sort of nice not to upgrade for a few years so when you finally do it becomes a bit of shock to get eight times the RAM, double the processor speed and nearly five times the hard drive of your previous machine.  Yes I’m having a geek moment and I’m enjoying it. 😉

3 thoughts on “Hell Can Freeze Over?!?”

  1. Congrats. I am very jealous. My laptop completely died earlier this week after being heavily used for 4 years and even carried around the world. I wanted to run out and buy one immediately but I decided to just use my wife’s one when she is not using it. A new laptop can wait until we have a bit more money (what? Am I finally growing up and making smart financial decisions?).

    Enjoy the new machine.

  2. Try backing up the old laptop and doing a factory reset. My netbook had slowed considerably, and when I bought a new one for my business, I moved over all the files and did the reset.

    It was like a new computer.

  3. Tim, I can’t post a comment to your computer upgrade post. I emailed you about it but you haven’t replied. I am trying to let you know here.

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