Freedom 40 in 40 – Part III

I find it rather odd that in my early life I never did much volunteering, I was perhaps too self absorbed or thoughtless to realize that I like giving back to others.  Not so much in just donations of money, but rather time and skills to support causes that I care about.  Now I find I really enjoy doing it, but again I have a similar problem to my friends (as discussed in Part II) that one of my major sources of giving back is tied to my current career.  I was elected to my local engineering association council for a three year term in 2014.  So what I really need to do is look at other options to giving back and make sure they align with where I want to go rather than where I current am.

I currently also volunteer at our kid’s schools as part of the school community council, which I don’t mind doing and I can see continuing there for a while longer.   The time commitment if fairly reasonable and I enjoy supporting the school.  What I need is similar options for other organizations more aligned to where I want to go in the future.

So to support this I need to find other organizations that I would like to give back to and that align where I want to go in life.  Given my interest in writing I figure a good place to start would be groups that are part of the local writing community such as the the Saskatchewan Writer’s Guild or the SaskBooks which is the local publisher’s association.  While I am a member in both groups, I have historically haven’t done much with either of them.  So I need to learn more about both of them and figure out if I could lend a hand in some meaningful way.  So 2015 objective is to research more about the groups and do more with them…either attending some training or local events and get to know both groups and figure out what options exist to get involved with them.

Then in 2016 the plan would be to start helping out a bit if possible.  I’ll revisit this later in 2015 to work out exactly what the next steps will be.

2 thoughts on “Freedom 40 in 40 – Part III”

  1. I completely agree about the writing associations – great starting point. I’m a member of the Manitoba Writers’ Guild and the Manitoba Editors’ Association. I can’t make it out to that many events, but I have great fun when I do. I recently volunteered to help the MEA with their website, as I have a decent amount of experience and I can do it from home on my own schedule – the perfect type of volunteering when I’m busy. I love feeling useful.

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