Oh Right, I Also Get Gifts

It was funny to me the other day that it finally occurred to me that I would be getting gifts for Christmas.  You see after writing up an idea list for people I literally stop thinking about getting anything for weeks on end.

It partly occurs because I’m busy doing other things getting ready for the holidays and partly because I just don’t worry about the stuff side of the holidays as much anymore.  I tend to get more enjoyment hanging out with my family and doing winter activities together like skating and sledding.  Also we have a lot of little traditions we do during this time of year like making mulled wine which I also enjoy or hot chocolate with little marshmallows.  All in all they are fairly normal things, but they take on special meaning because we don’t do it all the time.

I have really noticed after all these years by doing something frequently it ceases to be special and loses some appeal.  Like eating a steak once a week would reduce its appeal to me.  So I try to limit some things to just seasonal treats so I actually really enjoy them.  From seasonal baking, activities or even music.

Now that we have gift exchanges on both sides of the family it has reduced the number of gifts I get significantly, which again seems to help.  I actually sort of savour the fact I only get a handful of gifts now.  They have become more special just by being a rarer thing.  So now I get a bit of fun guessing about my gifts under the tree for about five minutes and then I just sit back and enjoy the rest of the experience.

This is why for me, having less really is about enjoying what I have more.  More gifts, more parties, more events doesn’t make me any happier.  Instead having just some of each seems to be the best way for me to enjoy the season. Moderation in all things.

How about you?  Have you done less or bought less this year?  Did it help you get more out your life?

One thought on “Oh Right, I Also Get Gifts”

  1. Tim,

    Over the past couple years we have been reducing the number of gifts we get one another to the point were now we buy one gift and participate in a chinese gift exchange. I enjoy this a lot more as all the family and relatives are able to get together and have some fun. Plus the less time I have to spend in the mall around this time of year, the better. Happy holidays.

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