Freedom…For a While

I can almost taste the freedom.  I’m so close right now.

No, I’m not close to retiring yet…that is a few more years out, but I am close to having at nice taste of that freedom since as of noon on Dec 5 I will be starting a month long vacation.  To which just about everyone has asked me: are you going somewhere?

Which I suppose for the average person would make sense…if you are going to take a month off you might as well do some great trip with it.  But not me, I will drive out to my parent’s cabin for a few days to help with a few projects out there, but otherwise I plan to spend the entire month at home.

Home?!? Yes home.  Then people assume I’m working on some kind of huge home reno project.  New kitchen,or finishing our basement perhaps? Nope.

So why the hell am I taking a month off?  Because in short I have the vacation time, I’m done most of what I said I would finish at the office for the year and mostly because I just can do it.  That’s it.

I’ll work on some minor reno projects, do some writing, enjoy the holidays with my family.  Play video games with the kids and generally just sit back relax and enjoy life.  For me time is the ultimate luxury item and being able to just spend it napping, reading books and drinking coffee is heaven.  Simple pleasures and no rush to my time.

That isn’t the say I won’t get some stuff done.  I have a long list of things I would like to get to.  Some examples include:

  • Fix the upstairs sink that is draining slow
  • Start a new batch of wine
  • Start editing my novel I finished writing last month (yes I hit the 50,000 word goal)
  • Write on my next novel (which I started the day I finished the last one..I don’t want that writing habit to go away)
  • Do full set of retirement calculations and post them on the blog

But if I don’t finish all of these things I won’t be upset.  I’m mainly going to just relax and recharge the batteries so to speak.  It’s been a very busy year and I’m going to do my best impression of the idle rich. 😉

So have you ever taken a long period of time off?  What did you do with it? Or if you had a month off what would you do?

2 thoughts on “Freedom…For a While”

  1. My husband has banked a few weeks of vacation, so he should have about 6 weeks available next year. We might travel to be with family. But hopefully a lot of the time will be just spent living together as a family 24/7. Enjoy your holiday!

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