A Change in Venue (For Me)

It was over 5 years ago that Tim requested applications for guest writers on this site (my very first post is here). At that time, I had been reading this blog for over a year or so and thought that maybe people would like to read about my story. Now, I’m approximately 1/3rd of the way through my 15-year retirement plan, with a paid off house and investments that are starting to trickle additional income to our household (although at a much slower rate than I would like).

I want thank Tim for the opportunity to have a place for some of my (hopefully) interesting thoughts and viewpoints somewhere. My wife is thankful as well, otherwise she would have been my entire audience over the past five years, and gotten the brunt of my excited and sometimes uninformed rants on personal finance matters (she still gets to hear A LOT about non personal finance stuff).

I also wanted to thank all of you for engaging me in conversation over my early retirement plans. Talking about early retirement and financial independence is usually not something that’s brought up in most of my daily conversations. Having a place to be able to discuss my ideas with like-minded individuals is much appreciated.

And Now The Good News!

Maybe you’d like to see how my story goes over the next few years? One thing about the Internet that is somewhat distressing to me, is that people who I have either been reading in blogs, watching on YouTube, or listening to on podcasts, just abruptly disappears. Rather than just disappearing, I have decided to set up my own website / blog to continue my online story. For anyone who is interested, please follow me / add me to your RSS feed here:


On my new site, I plan on writing a couple of posts per week, similar to what I have been doing here for the past 5 years (approximately 275 posts!). I would guess that I will be getting into more of the investing side of my early retirement plan, as that’s basically what I’m doing with the vast majority of my available funds for the next decade.

Thank you again, I hope to talk to you all soon!

In and Out

Ugh, Christmas is over.  The presents are unwrapped, you have setup, washed or otherwise started to use your new gifts.  Good for you.  Now on the flip side what are you getting rid of?

Pardon?!? All to often we get new stuff in our lives and don’t even give it a second thought that perhaps this would be an excellent time to also consider getting rid of a equal number of items to ensure your pile of stuff doesn’t grow.  I personally try to get to this the week following Christmas.

In some cases, this is a very easy thing to do.  For example, I got a new pair of jeans and tossed an old pair that I had previously fixed a hole in the pocket of.  The rest of the jeans were also starting to wear out so it was an easy decision to make.  Heck while you are in your closest you could just do a check in to see if you actually wear everything you have in there.

Other things are a bit more complex, like we got a new Keurig coffee maker for a gift.  So does that mean I should toss out my old coffee pot.  Perhaps, but I also use that coffee pot a LOT right now.  So in this case, I’ll take a wait and see approach to decide if I will use one more than the other and if I should get rid of something in the future.

Giving stuff and receiving it is easy to do.  Getting rid of things isn’t always so easy especially if you have problems tossing perfectly usable items (like I do).  So I tend to use the following methods:

  • Give it to a friend. In some cases, you might have someone else who can use something you used to have and they would love it.  When this works out it is wonderful for everyone.
  • Donate it. Nearly perfect used clothes are easy to donate and so are small household goods to some charities.  Other things you have to consider if it would be really useful since it is fairly won.
  • Sell it. Online sites make this significantly easier to do now and you can also give something away for free if you do not feel it would be worth selling.
  • Or if you just can not find a way to get rid of it…throw it away. I hate to do this, but accept sometimes I can not find something a home.

So do you do a post holiday purge?  If so, how you do handle it?

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all.  May you have a fun day with family and friends.  I’ll be enjoying a big family meal and watching my kids open their gifts today.  So sit back, put away the calculator and forget what it all cost (that can start after Boxing Day).  Just enjoy the the day instead.

Take care,