Novel Writing

Dear reader,

Yes I’m ignoring you.  It isn’t your fault, but rather my decision to try out being part of National Novel Writing Month.  The goal of the month is to finish 50,000 words of a novel from Nov 1 to Nov 30. So I’m writing a lot of material, just nothing on this blog lately.

I decided to dust off my 2013 attempt at the 3 Day Novel contest which was about 29,000 words already and see if I can add 50,000 to it over Nov.  The idea would be to have a full manuscript (~80K words) by the end of Nov.  If you would like to see how I’m doing, you can follow my process at my page on the site.  Please note I only update my progress at the end of each day and I’m only counting my progress this month.

I do plan to produce a few posts here this month, but not that many.

Take care,