Winter Activities

As I’ve written previously, my wife and I basically hibernate in the winter – spending most of our time holed up in our house and staying as warm as possible. Last winter, we noticed that we barely socialized at all. Although we’re mostly okay with that, it is nice to see people the odd weekend, so this winter we’re going to make more of an effort to hang out with friends on a more regular basis. In the summer, I have a built-in excuses to hang out with people – either through golfing or by inviting people over for barbecues and to visit on our patio. This winter, we needed new plans.

I really like to cook, so that’s one way to get people to our house – have a Pad Thai night, which most people usually enjoy, and is quick and easy to cook for a few people with most of the prep work done before people show up. Tacos are also lots of fun to do – getting the cast-iron pan glowing in order to make home-made masala flour soft-shells (our favourite).

Another activity that we both enjoy is boardgames. We’ve found a few couples who share this interest, and it’s mostly making the minor effort to set up a “play-date” together on a Friday or Saturday night to get together. Right now, we’ve found that good “couples” games are Settlers of Catan and Cards Against Humanity. I prefer more strategic games, and own the Euro-Games Agricola and Carcassonne. The games I like are significantly less social in nature, and require a lot more planning and long-term strategy than the 2 previous games, but are an excellent way to pass a cold winter afternoon or evening.

I also seem to read much more in the winter – attacking many more of the almost infinite books I’ve placed on my “To Read” list on Goodreads. Additionally, I try to increase my days in the gym from an average of two to three days a week to three to four days, attempting to balance my lack of movement from spending time indoors.

The thing that most of the activities need to have in common for us is that they’re cheap and don’t require us to be outside at all. We don’t like the cold, but are hoping that winter will go more quickly if we share our misery with our friends.

How do you plan to pass the winter?

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  1. Not that west coast B.C. winters are that cold (you can golf all year round here) but now that I’m ER’ed I intend to spend a month or two in Mexico every year.

  2. Hoping to go out and ski in this winter. We missed the entire skiing season last year.

    We like to play board games too. Have you tried Ticket to Ride or Robo Rally? Both are quite fun. Carcassonne and Settlers are quite fun, especially if you have the expansion packs.

  3. Fishing for winter steelhead. In my part of Oregon, they start coming upriver in mid-November and finish about the end of February, though you might find an occasional fish in March.

    Fishing in rainy/icy winter months didn’t seem like it should be interesting. And it wasn’t… up until you spot the first 15 pound steelhead snapping at your lure! Oh, my, how quickly that changes your outlook, LOL.

  4. @ Jon_Snow – My wife and I are very jealous of your Mexican retreat. Do you own a place down there, or are you renting?

    @ Tawcan – I’ve played Ticket to Ride on iOS and really liked it. When we get bored of these games, we’ll definitely check that out.

    @ George – I can see the appeal in the time there is a fish on the line…the rest of the time I would be pretty miserable.

    @ Emily – If you don’t have a recipe already, I give this link to anyone who’s interested in making it for themselves

    It’s what I used to learn, and is supposedly “authentic”. Having never been to Thailand before, I’ll take the author’s word on that.

  5. I love both Settlers and Cards Against Humanity with the right people!

    Dinner and Netflix night is always fun. I love to cook something everyone can customize (like pizza) or something that requires a new skill (like wrapping pot stickers).

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