A Leash for the Beast

So after nearly six years of dodging the issue, I finally decide to give a little ground at work and let them assign me a work cell phone.  The reality has been for the majority of my time at my current company it was silly to give me a work phone as I spent the majority of my time in the office.  So I just ignored any suggestions for a number of years on the topic.

Yet recently I decided to give in because it actually makes some sense as my more recent portfolio of work requires more field visits.  So the work cell might actually be a bit useful.  Also I’m ok with the idea after I checked with my boss that he would be ok with me not keeping two phones.  I would also use my work phone for personal usage.  The trick is I would have to pay if I took it on vacation out of the country, which is totally fair.  Not to mention I don’t pay the $55/month bill for a unlimited talk, text and data plan (heck I even get to save my normal $5/month I used to pay for my personal cell).

It’s been funny to me that everyone assumed when I got the phone I would suddenly develop bad habits like working all hours of the day and checking my phone.  Instead I decided right out of the gate to put a leash on this beast.  So while yes I’ll glace at the subject of an email that comes in, 90% of the time I don’t even read it.  Why?  Because most of the time it can damn well wait until the next morning.  Also I turn off the phone when I got to bed…they don’t pay me to be woken up with an email or call in the middle of the night.

In addition, I have purposely putting up some separation between work and personal things.  For example, I put my personal email on a separate app from my work email.  That way I’m not getting confused looking at both.  I also when through the iPhone 5S menus and disabled most of the notifications as I really don’t need to know that someone liked my status update from yesterday on Facebook.  I also refuse to put any banking or financial apps on my phone as I’m not comfortable with the work IT department having any access to that material.

So overall the experience has been fairly positive and I should have cancelled my personal cell by the end of this month.  What about your work phone?  Do you use it for both personal and work or do you carry two phones? Any other ideas for leasing the beast?

5 thoughts on “A Leash for the Beast”

  1. The work cell phone has the same hours I have for work. It goes on when I get in to work. It gets turned off when I return home. I purposely choose not to give my work numbers to friends and my personal phone remains my personal phone. I have not mixed the 2 for 5 years now and it keeps things simple. My personal phone is an iphone 3s that has no data plan. It is used for calls and texts outside of work hours. It stays at home during work. My personal phone is through 7-11’s Speakout provider and costs me less than $100 a year. This is how I choose to keep work and my life separate. Now if I could only get my brain to do his as well that would be great.

  2. I just use one phone pretty much with no landline. You could always activate another number and most plans these days have great share plans if bundled.

    Good Day and Grind On!

  3. I have a BB for work but I don’t use it for personal data, just personal talk and text. I do without personal data. I probably could set some stuff up but can’t be bothered. I use a WiFi tablet though which I can bring with me if needed where I know I’ll have internet access.

  4. Good for you in drawing the line between work time and personal time. I know too many people that give so much free time to work because they have made themselves accessible. I still don’t even have a smart phone so I’m detached from work email unless I’m actually at work.

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