I Won

Ya, I won…not the lottery (I wish), but rather that election I previously mentioned for a seat on my engineering association council.  That was publicly announced last Saturday at our annual general meeting where I had to stand up in a room of my peers and swear an oath to officially take the job.

So yes I’m now bound to three years in office.  Since I was previously on our local school board this entire experience is slightly less surreal, but more familiar.  Meet a bunch of people who have never worked with before, find out the meeting rotation and pick some extra work from committees.  I’ll then proceed to ask a few million questions about my role, responsibilities and how to do the paperwork. My orientation session is in mid-June where I’ll get a bunch of my questions answered.

Oddly enough even if this is more work I’m looking forward to the new experience (though it was interesting to have the other candidate congratulate me and state he really didn’t want the job so he thanked me for winning).  I’ve determined after my temporary promotion at my day job that I actually don’t like manager jobs at all, instead I tend to do better at two levels in an organization: at the board or the worker level.  I can gladly skip the role of a manager, director or even a vice president.  So this new job fits in nicely with that realization.

The other interesting fallout from this election is I have already had a preliminary discussion about dropping back to part time hours at my day job again.  My boss seems open to the idea of 90%, so I’ll write up a proposal for later this year after we work out some of the details.  So the extra job might not end up sending me too far our of balance on work-life balance.

4 thoughts on “I Won”

  1. Ah, I thought that’s what your news was. Congrats! You are very fortunate to have a workplace that lets you go to 80-90% – most regular jobs just don’t like it. Not sure why since most of us really would get done the same amount of work in 80% of the time…

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