Standing Up, Again

Yesterday I had a second opportunity to vote  for myself in an election, which trust me that doesn’t get any less weird doing it more than once.  This time I was picked by our local engineering association (APEGS)’s nomination committee to be nominated for their council.  The council is the governing body for the association and it would be for a three year term.

I really don’t even know how my name came up to that committee, but never the less I understand that our engineering association exist because we are self governing body.  So in my mind that means some members have to help run it or we end up with getting run directly by the provincial government which could be unpleasant.  So I agreed to let my name stand for this year’s election and I will serve if elected.

Besides I’m hardly a shoe in for the job.  Actually the other nomination ironically taught me when I took my engineering degree.  So yes I’m running against my old professor, which I think provides a nice contrast in choices.

It might seem odd that I’m volunteering for more work , when I fully admit I’m obsessed with not having a day job.  Yet the reality is I want more time to do other things like this, I enjoy contributing my time and skills to organizations which I believe can help improve people’s lives.  Being free from having to work for salary doesn’t mean I want to stop being involved.  Instead it means choosing the work I do based on interest and not the salary.

Do you stand up to support organizations you believe in?  If so, how do you contribute?  If you had more time to get involved, would you do more?

2 thoughts on “Standing Up, Again”

  1. Yes, I certainly have. I’ve served on the board of my local tech association (membership is required for my job), and volunteered for one-time events. I prefer donating money (when I’m feeling rich) or helping with one-time events rather than an ongoing commitment. I’m not good with commitments – a reason I want to retire from my corporate job. I’ve volunteered at a cat shelter and did a Fruit Share harvest once. Mostly I feel I contribute by shopping at local businesses that I like, even if it costs more money. I’m especially a fan of local-sourced food and spend a lot of money in that area.

  2. Good for you! I left a comment a while back on the blog, in which I was pleasantly surprised that you wrote a specific blog post about. I really enjoyed your response.

    I also volunteer as a tax preparer for low income seniors, immagrints and families, who need to file their tax returns in order to receive the social benefits they need to live. I like giving back and it makes me feel all warm and snuggly inside :).

    However, it does make a person a bit jaded with respect to becoming a drain on the system. Some of these people earn less than 10K/year all from government subsidies. I don’t know why they weren’t able to save more (I try not to pry or judge) during any of their working years. However it is clear that they are a drain on the social system for which it appears (from 10,000 ft) that they don’t give anything back. In my humble opinion, it is the responsibility of people who can earn (and pay taxes) and contribute to society do so, so that we can minimize people that do not and minimize the drain on society.

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