Currently Befuddled

I’m currently about halfway through a 6-month temporary contract / learning opportunity with the company I have worked for over the last 10 years. So far, I have gotten to the point that I know enough to confuse myself on an almost daily basis. My end goal is to be 60% as competent as the people who were given the task of answering my questions, or at least understand what they’re talking about most of the time.

This will be the fourth position I have taken within my company over the decade worked there. After a period of time where I’ve learned the job fairly well, I’ve just continuously looked for different opportunities in the company. After this job, I’ve basically done every staff-level job that someone with accounting experience would be able to do within the company. I enjoy learning new things, and I would like to think I have benefited the company I work for by cross-training throughout the fairly large organization.

At the same time I have been learning a new job, I have been reading a lot of books on investing and what I should be looking for in potential stocks. Sometime in the next few months, my retirement plan is going to move from paying down my mortgage, to investing heavily for retirement, something that I’d like to be prepared for. I figure if I’m the least bit organized I will at least be throwing money around based on semi-educated reasoning, which will let me go to bed at night thinking it’s a little less on the gambling side and a little more on the investing side.

You could say that I am currently in a state of information overload, whether it’s investing material that is important to my retirement investing health, or my work life where I am constantly learning about a fairly complex accounting system used by my company, I am learning more and more every day. The befuddlement I feel is something I enjoy, because at some point something will click and I will hopefully be better for it.

I hope to achieve some passable level of talent at both my job and investing over the next few months, so that I won’t have wasted my own or my company’s time in learning. It’s one thing at work, where I have at least added some new acquaintances and a greater understanding in how a different part of my company works, but if I haven’t picked up enough strategy for investing, my whole retirement plan might crumble – not the end of the world, but definitely not ideal.

At what point would you say you turned into a “seasoned” investor? Do you think you’re on the way, or are you in a constant state of second-guessing?

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  1. I’m in the same boat as you with information overload. I am researching dividend growth investing and almost pulled the trigger and bought my first MLP inside my TFSA. Then I luckily came across this article which states “Since the TFSA is used for many things besides a retirement savings account, withholding tax is not waived. Consequently, you must pay the withholding tax, which is unrecoverable.”

    Other articles to read along the same lines:

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