Book Review – Strategic Dividend Investor

I saw this book at the library a few weeks ago, and decided to pick it up. The title drew me in, because really, who wouldn’t want to “Strategically” invest – maybe the alternative is an elaborate dart-board system, where you only purchase stocks on a full moon? Without reading this book, I think I would still have a strategy – it just wouldn’t perhaps be as organized as is laid out in the 163 pages.

With both personal finance and fitness/diet books, a significant amount of the book is spent selling the reader on why the author’s way of thinking is different or better than everyone elses, and why you should employ their way of thinking on your life. This book is no different – 92 of the previously mentioned 163 pages are spent going into the history of the stock market and how messed up it has become in the last couple of decades. The author builds his case on why dividend-producing stocks are the best investment vehicle available. Given the title of the book, I would think that if the reader has gotten to the point of actually picking up the book and leafing through it – they are probably already sold on dividend investing and just looking for insight.

The last third of the book is the reason why I will be purchasing an e-book for future reference in my investing “career” ($13.16 on Kindle, $19.50 on Kobo….not sure how Kobo can sell for 50% higher) . There is a possibility that I haven’t read enough books on investing, but the way the author provides insight on stock analysis both from a technical perspective as well as what should be looked for off of the financial statements made his message easy to understand.

For someone interested in investing for cash-flows as I am, the book provides a long-term, sustainable investment strategy. A useful screening process is provided, which will provide a good starting point at identifying potential investments. Also provided by the author is criteria that can be utilized when deciding on whether or not to sell the stock, outside of the price – which I also found very incitive.

So, that’s my sale on this book. The author – Daniel Peris has a second book out that I will be reading in the near future. The “Strategic Dividend Investor” isn’t huge, is written in an understandable manner and provides good information – all qualities I enjoy when looking at a technical non-fiction book.

I am a fairly voracious reader, always looking for book suggestions. Do you have a go-to investment book that you keep on your shelf?

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  1. I am currently reading this one.
    TOP 40 DIVIDEND GROWTH STOCKS FOR 2014: A Sensible Guide to Dividend Growth Investing

    He updates it every year with an analysis of 40 dividend stocks and how/why he chooses them as well as a thorough background in why to do DGI. He also has his own DGI portfolio that he started in 2008 with real money using this method that you can view to see how this method is working out.

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