Pushed Over A Cliff

So while ago I came to the realization that I really didn’t want to climb the corporate ladder anymore.  I was happy enough in my current job that I didn’t need a change.  Apparently, I didn’t communicate that well enough to management since I was temporary promoted to a new job on Tues.

I was summoned to my bosses office and informed that one of the managers was retiring (so obviously I was thrilled for him), but since I didn’t work for him I’m confused what that had to do with me.  Then they explained someone else (a different manager) was being temporarily promoted to the retiring manager’s job.  Ok, still not getting why I’m here and then they explain I’ll be taking over the other manager’s job for the time being. Pardon?!?

You could have heard a pin drop after that statement.  I resisted the urge to look around the otherwise empty room and ask if there had been a mistake.  Instead I then explained I was touched they thought I could handle it, but clarify if they wanted me to do both job my current job and the new one.  No, they want me to reassign everything I’m working on in the next two weeks and fully take over for the other manager who by the way is leading second biggest environmental project in the company right now.  Okay, I was feeling a bit better as I was having a mini nightmare about trying to do both.

To say I was stunned was a mild understatement, but after a good night sleep I realized that I need to embrace this change.  I get to test drive a manager job for a few months to see if I like it.  The change isn’t permanent and I have the advantage of at least I’ve already been involved in the major project, just not leading it.

Don’t you love when fate gives you a push off a cliff?

6 thoughts on “Pushed Over A Cliff”

  1. I am sure you will excel in your new temp (?) position, and it’s probably a test to see if you could do it full time / permanently (which.. might mean more money if you like the job for the extra money being offered!)

    That said, your promotion is my worst nightmare. I hate managing. I can do it, but I don’t like it.

  2. I get slammed occasionally at work for not trying for management positions or trying to climb a “corporate career something or other”. It’s seen as lack of ambition. The problem is, I’m an IT guy. I like doing hands on things–fixing machines, installing RAM, writing programs. There is absolutely *nothing* in the world that would make me more miserable than being a manager and pushing paper around on my desk all day. It’s my idea of hell. …And 5 or 6 meetings a week?! Where you have to watch your manners because there’s other managers, VPs, CEOs, CAOs, CFLs, Run DMCs, and other suits who think they’re very important? I’d rather be washing dishes. Or even dead. (Seriously, I hate meetings that much.) I’d break down and eventually stick a pencil into my eye.

  3. I’m concerned that I will have similar issues like people mentioned above…I’m not into babysitting grown people. So I do like the fact this is a test drive situation for the temp position. I can find out if I hate it and if so give it back when the time is up. I just dislike that the entire time frame on this is so vague. Hopefully I’ll get a better idea shortly.

  4. By the way you describe it, it sounds like they were puppet-masterish about this to me. That alone would piss me off. You don’t tell me, you *ask* me.

    Be prepared for your co-workers subtly treating you differently, like with a bit of distance. It’s sort of surreal. I think it’s good experience to know what managers have to go through sometimes though, even if you go back to being the grunt/worker.

    Oh – hope you got a salary bump and if the incentive bonus % is higher at a manager level but they don’t give it unless you’re full and not acting status, factor that in too for how much of a bump they should give.

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