Distractions or Avoiding Squirrels

Well last week I talked about getting starting, by showing up.  Today I’m going to talk about the universal that issue that comes up when you get started on something new..distractions.  Or from my dog’s point of view…oh, squirrel…now what was I saying? 😉

Life today is basically engineered to be one giant distraction.  Email, TV, your friends, your social online networks, hobbies, books or perhaps reading this blog is one for you right now…the list just goes on and on. Goodness knows I’m familiar with them, after all when I started getting my financial life in order and looking at my spending then doing something about it, I was always getting distracted.  Change isn’t something people are comfortable with and it doesn’t get easier when you add a lack of knowledge…like how do you reduce your insurance costs?  Or where do you find your investment costs?  It is no wonder people often fall prey to distractions.

Yet the simple difference between someone who does nothing and someone who tries to make a better life.  The first person is an amateur, that lack the focus and drive to push themselves into new situations and get it done.  To succeed financially in life you have to take it seriously and work on it.  That’s all.  It’s not a earth moving concept, but never the less, the truth.  You have to get tried of the ignorance, the fear, the utter bullshit reasons you come up with not to get better and work on it every day.

Every day!?!?  Yes for maximum results even if you work on a new habit like taking a lunch instead of buying it, making calls to find out about your bank fees, and reading a blog or an investment book, but do something every day in a few years you will be on solid footing.  Unlike me, I did my piece meal and not even close to every day.  It took me like four years to get my financial life together.  I could have done it in two or less if I had worked on it every day.

It might seem odd, but the reality is the sooner in life you get your financial life on firm footing the sooner you can get to living your dreams.  Regardless if that involves traveling, retiring early, or just sleeping better at night.  So step up and make the choice.  Screw the distractions and go make yourself a better person.   Besides, squirrels really aren’t that cute…even on a YouTube video.

2 thoughts on “Distractions or Avoiding Squirrels”

  1. Oh come on – Walter the Bud light squirrel is very entertaining!

    Fellow retriever owner here, and yes, also hate squirrel season – especially when I’m riding a bike.

    Worst financial distraction for me is getting ads for travel and ski deals in winter. They always make me want to go somewhere. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing.

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