Tales from Boxing Day Shopping

It was Boxing Day and I was surround by crazy people…I mean I watched a line that stretched for over half a mall for a single store crazy.  So like the one eye man in the kingdom of the blind…I gave up and found a place the served beer at 10 am or so.

You see I never really wanted to go boxing day shopping but my wife wanted to go and no one else was available…besides I had arranged to hang out with a friend during the main part of the chaos…so that is what drove me to drinking at 10am.  You see last year I finally got smart and realized the joy of online shopping and I loved it.  So now being back in the madhouse just made me want out of there even more.  Yet I love my wife, so I was there anyway.

I think what really drives me nuts about Boxing Day at a mall is the crowds of people…who aren’t even shopping.   The glassing eye husbands who are holding bags, the teenagers who are just cruising around not buying a damn thing and the overly exhausted children having a nuclear style meltdown in the middle of a store.  In fact, I speculate that if you removed these people from the mall that crowds would decrease by about 30%.  So here is a hint for everyone…if you don’t need to be there please be a good person and get out of the way…besides beer tasting is much more fun than standing in line for your wife. *grin*

In the end, it all worked out well.  I hide in the pub for the morning and got a good visit in with my friend, my wife found her ‘deals’ and was happy.  Then I returned home and did my usual online shopping…and bought a new 46 inch 1080p smart TV…no I didn’t need it, but did save for the entire purchase amount before it will be shipped to my house.  Way easier to buy some things online.

So do you do any Boxing Day shopping?  If so, which do you like: online or in person?

5 thoughts on “Tales from Boxing Day Shopping”

  1. And I loved you very much for coming with me, even if you did spend most of the day drinking beer!! 🙂

  2. Tim. Maybe 2014 is your year for increasing your editing time? I enjoy your blog quite a bit, but the spelling errors and grammar usage are starting to be a bit much. You have such great content, but it needs the window dressing.

    As for shopping? Only when absolutely necessary!

  3. Wal-mart had there Boxing Day sale start online on the 24th at noon.
    Everything had free shipping and I have already received my purchase.

  4. I avoid Boxing Day sales entirely, even if I could be making a reasonable purchase (online or otherwise). My little bit to help fight the downward slide to ever more pervasive consumer culture.

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