It Won’t Happen if I Don’t Start

I have a goal in mind that I would like to achieve in the next few years. I would really like to learn how to draw or paint – basically, I would like to be able to look at something and make a picture of it that someone could look at and recognize what I was trying to do. I’m not really sure why I have this kind of hobby as a goal, it just always amazes me to see people who can draw – to see pictures in graphic novels and other people’s drawings and have no idea how they went about doing that.

Last fall, I did start trying to learn how to draw. There are tons of free sites which give you the basics to start. I made it through a month or so of attempts, then I lost momentum and gave up for a while.

Right now, I still want to learn how to do this as much as I did last fall, I think I just realize how many more hundreds of hours of learning and practice I would have to do to get to the point that I would like to be at. If I spent an hour a night for the next 3-5 years, I might be able to have the skillset that would allow me to do what I want to do. This amount of time seems daunting, and is probably the reason I kind of threw up my hands (although I could have just got interested in video games too – it was awhile ago).

About 5 years ago, I started my financial plan that will hopefully allow me to retire at 45. 9 months from now, provided no major financial changes take place, my wife and I will make our final mortgage payment. This final payment will put us approximately ? of the way towards our financial goal.

Looking back, the mortgage and our total financial plan seemed really daunting. When we first started, it helped that there were several well documented examples and math that backed them up to provide us with incentive to even start. Without that, it would have been hard to present the plan and get buy-in from my wife, who is usually not overly enthusiastic with my plans.

I guess what I’m saying is, that I’m probably never going to get better at anything art-wise if I don’t start. I need to put in the time to achieve my goal, much like achieving my financial goals.

Have you put off something like I have because it seems like it will take too long?

2 thoughts on “It Won’t Happen if I Don’t Start”

  1. My goal was to be debt free by my next birthday. With only 9 months to go I am realizing that I just didn’t try hard enough or do enough to make that goal a reality. Debt free was more a dream than a firm goal and I have wasted a lot of money not achieving that dream. I wasted a lot of money on take out because I convinced myself that I was just too tired to cook and that I deserved the convenience.

    I am working hard on a new budget and trying to set goals for every month leading up to my birthday. I will not be debt free next spring but I accept that it is my fault and I am moving on and setting a new slightly later goal.

  2. this is very true. I have tried to avoid putting of lots of things, but then became so swamped it’d take even longer to be just competent in them.

    So instead I’m trying to combine focus on no more than 5 things (including work and sleep =P), and so far the results are spectacular =)

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