A Little Perspective

Sometimes I get a little jaded with the job I do. The accounting work I’m involved with is constantly testing my patience, as I deal with a lot of bureaucracy from various levels of management in order to complete my job. There are some days where it seems like I’ve sat at my desk and achieved essentially nothing for the efforts put in, which is super frustrating. These are the days that I look at my countdown clock  and can’t wait until I will no longer have to put up with this kind of environment.

Most of the time though, the challenges involved with my work are interesting and engaging. I happen to be really good at my job (I’m just not saying this, I get good performance ratings every year) and feel that I provide a decent value to my employer with the ideas and work I put forth. There are very few mornings that I wake up absolutely dreading going into work. I decided when I started my current job, if I didn’t like what I was doing most of the time, I would quit and try something else.

Because my wife and I don’t have kids, and either one of us could essentially support our household expenses, neither of us feel “trapped” in our job. If I wanted to quit, there’s no risk that either myself or household will starve, that we’ll be evicted, or really anything bad will happen -other than my projected retirement date will have some time added to it.

One thing that I try to remember as well, to keep things in perspective is that I don’t really have a hard job. On the very worst days, where I’ve sat in too many meetings that I either didn’t need to be in, or resolved absolutely nothing I wanted to get done I remember that I have been sitting in a climate-controlled office. I can take a couple of steps and take a look out the window, or wander to my building’s cafeteria to get a coffee or snack whenever I want. Other than the “loss” of free time, which I have freely traded for money, there’s nothing I do in a day that is uncomfortable.

There are lots of crappy jobs out there that are not terribly pleasant to do. I watched a bunch of guys laying shingles when it was over 40 degrees celsius a couple of weeks ago, while I was sweating standing in the shade. I’ve seen what coal mines look like, and have done some unpleasant work myself in the past. I just have to remember that I don’t have it so bad.

Do you have a crappy job? If you don’t, how do you get through the “bad” days?

3 thoughts on “A Little Perspective”

  1. I work at a desk in an air conditioned building as well 🙂 Thank my lucky stars I made this career choice. Part of what I like about being a graphic designer is the creative aspect of it. I get quite a bit of autonomy in my work which is nice 😀 Sometimes working at the office can get boring, but I think that helps keep me motivated to retire at 55 or earlier.

  2. I also have a cushy office job. It is frequently boring, but I am grateful for the comfortable environment in which to trade my time for money and the good salary that allows me to save 50% for retirement. When things are painful, I go for a walk or chat with a coworker or read a good article on the web and wait for the moment to pass. It always does.

  3. I think this is one of the most simple and practical posts you have written in quite some time.

    I think this is simply reality (or practical advice) for most middle to high middle income earning families or singles.

    Finding a good balance in life rather then taking extreme measures to retire early is IMO the way to go. Looking at what you could be doing comparatively is always a good motivational tool.

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