Vacation – Final Report

Seven provinces, over 10,000 km driven, four UNESCO world heritage sites and I lost count of the other museums national historic sites we saw.  Not to mention I completely forgot about work…so it was an excellent vacation overall.  Yet this is a personal finance blog…so what did it cost?

Grand total everything in…just under $7500.  Yet this was our ‘big’ reward for paying off the mortgage last year so I’m totally fine with that spending amount.  Could we have done better?  Potentially yes, but nothing too huge.  There were a few nights in a hotel that I could have reduced our costs on, and a few other places we could have trimmed our spending but overall perhaps $500 less.  It wasn’t really worth the extra effort, so I’m not worried.

Perhaps the one big item I didn’t really consider was renting out our house as a short term rental while we were gone.  I personally didn’t even think about the idea before we left and also I have no experience in it.  I think perhaps because I’ve never taken a full month off before that it cross my mind.  Anyway, that is an idea I’ll keep in my head for another time.  Perhaps when I stop working and can take off for the entire summer I’ll look into renting out our house.

I also had some fun meeting up with a few bloggers on the way.  First I had coffee with Frugal Trader from Million Dollar Journey when I was in Newfoundland.  It’s funny, but true that we both have very similar lives, but different out looks.  He is much more conservative with his estimates  for his retirement that I am.  Also we compared the fact both our provinces are having a boom from resource development and the impact on wages and house prices.  PF geeks and very happy for it.

Then over in Ottawa I attended the MMM meetup.  Which was a lot of fun, since my entire family attended with me.  The boys had a great time playing with some other kids while my wife and I visited with a house full of strangers but with similar interests.  Yes I went to a party knowing not a soul and had fun (ironically so did my wife).  MMM himself is a nice guy, while I didn’t get to talk with him that much (there was over 100 guests).  Yet what sticks out in my head…he is shorter than I would have guessed and thinner.  Odd what sticks out in your head.

It’s interesting during that MMM meetup I kept hearing…I’ve never done something like this before, yet people were enjoying themselves.  I think perhaps it is a relief to realize that most people interested in PF are ‘normal’.  I’ve now met a good part of the Canadian PF blog crowd and every time I meet the people I enjoy talking with like 95% of them.  So while it is a bit scary to meet new people I think in general more meetups across the country would be helpful for people to know…you are not alone. There is a world of people out there that think like you do.

Have a good long weekend.  I should have an investment report up during the weekend.


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  1. I can definitely see the appeal of a meet-up when you know the people involved have similar points of view. Normally, if my husband and I are forced to socialize with new people we expect the women want to talk about clothes, shopping, babies, etc. The men want to talk about sports, cars or whatever. So we just generally avoid people. There are very few people you can talk to about early retirement, saving money, and investment strategies. Luckily the internet exists.

  2. Ah, I wish I had known you would be at the Ottawa MMM meet up — I would have loved to meet you in person and chat with you.

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