The Vacation Report – Day 26

So after 26 days of not working you think perhaps I would be sick of vacation and be ready to get back home and go back to work? Nope, I don’t miss work at all, but I am ready to go home.

Actually I have to confess I’ve been away from home long enough that you just adjust to your new ‘normal’ routine while on vacation.  So I sleep in every day, have coffee, read a bit, then get everyone else up.  Go have breakfast, back up the hotel room and then head off and have some very fun experiences.  Then later on have some supper and check into the hotel and repeat.

As for experiences…well we have had lots of those.  Watching a whale swim right under our boat near Newfoundland, running in the mud of the Bay of Fundy, swimming in the ocean on the North Shore of PEI, walking around Old Quebec City, and visiting Parliament Hill.  Our picture count is somewhere over 800+ now (here are a few samples).

DSCF0526 DSCF0758 DSCF0841

It’s been a very fun trip and worth every penny of what we have been spending…how much?  I have no idea.  I didn’t actually make a budget for this trip.  Rather I have a range in my head that I’m prepared to spend and then I’m not worrying about it.  This is our big reward for paying off the mortgage so I’m not worrying about pennies here.

Yet of course you can’t take the frugal out of me as we have been doing mostly picnic lunches on the trip (oddly the boys prefer those since that means more running around time).  Also we walked almost everywhere we went while in Ottawa.  Saved on parking and saw more things that way.

My point is…we like to travel and I work to do stuff like this.  Besides…my vacation has a much better view than my cubicle.  So have you ever missed work after being away for a while?

6 thoughts on “The Vacation Report – Day 26”

  1. Hey Tim

    Glad you’re having a fun vacation! We’re set to pay off our mortgage next month (we’re 33), and am looking at our reward vacation for this winter.

    I used to get antsy being away from work for too long, but that feeling has slowly melted away over the last year. Life is definitely more enjoyable (at least less stressful) when your employer needs you more than you need it. 🙂

  2. Yes I did, a lot in my younger and more ambitious and more challenging work years. To the point where I didn’t want to take a week off sometimes. There were projects that I wanted to work on and see come to fruition back then.
    This last job was purely monthly and quarterly reporting and they hired 2 people to replace me that are pretty good. Apart from a week in June to cover for the manager that replaced me, I’ve been off since mid-May and have my own projects at home to work on so it’s a different mindset (and travel to do of course). Not missing it at all. Realized with this last job how much I can’t stand inane chatter at work and having to be there even when there’s nothing value-added to do.
    Sure do spend more than when I’m working though and no desire to reduce it so may work a bit more to cover it.

  3. Hey Jon, I meant to do a “so long and thanks for all the fish” type of post and had it drafted and everything, but my hosting service took the site down before I clued in to the timetable. (And I’m not that dramatic – LOL.)

    I think there’s a myriad of reasons to blog – mine was never to suggest that my way was the be all – I still think I was too focused on ER as a goal. For most people, some level of FI is good enough as a goal to strive for. It’s just us crazy people that don’t want anyone to be the boss of us forever that get there in their 30’s or 40’s I guess. 😛

    Having said that, hopefully I’ll have written a novel by this time next year and blogging on a topic that became boring to me was getting in the way of doing that. 😉 Personal finance really is a ridiculously simple topic: Live below your means / don’t buy shit you can’t afford. The end.

  4. I am retired now and have been for two years (I am now 55). I am a nurse practitioner so I still do some per diem work but generally no more than one day a week. I did not miss work when on vacation and I don’t miss it now. Working only occasionally has been nice because the days I do work feel good. After 32 years of nursing I had lost my enthusiasm and that didn’t feel good to me.

    I am voluteering at a soup kitchen and have made a new set of ‘peers’ there. We work hard but it certainly doesn’t feel like pressure. It is a new way for me to care about people without the heaviness of managing someone’s health. Life is good.

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