“Good Enough” Attitude

I have really gotten into making my own beer lately. So far, I have been able to make two different flavours of beer, and really enjoy the process. I’m brewing all grain beer, meaning the beer is made by grinding malted barley and “steeping” it to get the sugars out. Yeast gets added to this, along with hops and after a few weeks I get beer. I enjoy the process, and look forward to when I have the few hours of down time it takes to make (most of it is just waiting, so it’s not a super intensive hobby).

The beer I have made so far is not bad tasting, which surprised my wife – I think she thought it would taste like a dirty sweatsock or something. I had a friend over who was much more discerning than me, and he graded it “passable” as a decent beer. He may have just been polite, but he didn’t have much reason to lie, so I’ll take his word for it.

I am not really a good judge of most flavours, because when it comes to food or drink, I’ll pretty much consume anything. Even if I don’t really like something, if it’s offered for dinner at someone’s house I’ll eat it, I’m just not that fussy.

Really high-end cuts of meat are lost on me, I like all meat, and other then some extra chewing, there’s really not much of a difference between good cuts of meat and bad cuts of meat. I grew up on a beef farm, and we ate the cattle that we raised. When you get an animal butchered, you end up with quite a few less than prime cuts of meat that need to be eaten, which is where I think my indifference comes from.

From a marginal value point of view, I will pay extra money to have food that is locally raised in a manner that I feel is beneficial to the environment, but I don’t put a premium where it seems most people would. Food is food to me, I look at it more as fuel than an experience. I will cook the food as well as I can, and get no complaints from people eating it, but we save a bunch of money applying a “good enough” attitude.

This kind of stuff is just not something where spending more really makes much of a difference to our enjoyment of life. With the financial plan we have in mind, realizing which areas of our life are worth spending extra money on, and which ones we create significant savings by not indulging goes a long way to achieving our end goal of early retirement.

Do you have a “Good Enough” attitude for things in your life? Do you have areas where you can spend with no guilt?

One thought on ““Good Enough” Attitude”

  1. Ironically the one area I spend without guilt on is my imported premium beer (Kronenbourg). I’ve had so many bad homebrew beers – and to be honest it sounds like your friend didn’t want to hurt your feelings, especially if he’s a beer drinker.

    My ‘good enough is good enough area’ includes the clothes for our son who’s six (shoes excepted) as he outgrow them pretty fast, and on living with the mechanicals of our house. As long as it works, I see no need to replace our 1986 furnace or the fence that’s starting to warp but still looks and more importantly works ok as I don’t know how long we’ll be in our house to justify the payback.

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