Always a Rush

Most of my weekends in the summer are spent travelling all over Southwestern Ontario with my wife. We visit friends and family, camp, or do other touristy stuff. Over the last few years, on average, we’re only home for 3 out of 12 “summery” weekends. I recently looked at a history of my Facebook posts, and saw that over 80% of them included food, or beer or food and beer together. I really enjoy cooking and making beer, which are perfect activities to take part in on nice summer afternoons.

One of my favourite things to do is to barbecue. This past weekend, I slow cooked ribs on my charcoal barbecue for 4 hours on a Sunday afternoon, which turned out just as good as any restaurant meal that my wife and I would get, at about 15% of the price.

I can make beer at around $0.50 per 750 ml bottle in ingredients, which is a much better deal that $5 per pint at a bar or $1+ per purchased bottle. My wife and I do enjoy going out to bars the odd time, but we’re generally going to people watch or socialize and be less hermit-like.

I’m not saying that all I’ll do when I retire is barbecue and drink beer, but what I look forward to is being able to take time to cook nice meals or to really engross myself into these kind of activities, which I only have time to do a couple of nights per week. My normal day right now can be summarized like this:

  1. I work from 8-4 Monday to Friday
  2. I get home from work, eat, or read for a bit.
  3. Work out, go golfing or do housework.
  4. Hang out with my wife until she passes out at 9:00
  5. Relax – read, play video games or some other quiet hobby.

I find I don’t really have enough time. I’m not really doing things in a day that make me miserable in an evening, I just look forward to a day that I can spend more time doing what I want to do, rather than spending most of the “fun” hours sitting at a desk.

In the short-term, my current lifestyle not really a big deal – I can manage just slowing down a couple of days per week, I just think it would drive me crazy if I for sure had another 30 years of it ahead of me. I think what interests me the most about early retirement is the massive change in lifestyle, with the opportunities that go along with it.

Do you manage your time better than I do, or do you find yourself in a rush constantly?

3 thoughts on “Always a Rush”

  1. I hear ya on the rushed feeling. I’m a lot older than 45, but I still have the retirement dream. Working full time involves a lot more time than just being at work. Essentially 12 hours out of every day is involved with working full time for me, from 6 am when I wake up until about 6 pm when I arrive back home. Although I enjoy my job, there is a lot of stress involved sometimes, and the stress of also trying to coordinate all of your personal life in the background. It’s hard for example to get a furnace installed in your house unless you have the entire day off. Even then there is a good chance that the installers have to return at least for a short time.

  2. Working 8-4 would be like retirement to me. I can’t wait until my CGA is complete then no more long nights and weekends working on assignments and studying! And on the subject of beer, do you grow your own hops? I have planted some cascade at the side of my shed three years ago and they grow like weeds, not maintenance needed.

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