Gone Fishing…Or On Vacation

Tomorrow will mark the start of something I’ve never done before…I’m taking a month of vacation (yes, four whole weeks).  Excited somehow fails to fully explain how much I’m looking forward to my time away from work.  Also we are excited since we will be doing our trip to Newfoundland and back during this month. 

So doesn’t it mean this blog will have no updates for a month…of course not.  I’ve pre-written several posts and our usual guest posters will continue to write while I’m gone.  I’m just letting you all know so if Idon’t get back to you on an email or comment…don’t worry.  I’ll get back to you….at some point. 😉

Have a great summer,


3 thoughts on “Gone Fishing…Or On Vacation”

  1. I must be content with one week off this summer.

    Of course, 2014 will mark the start of a 40+ year long holiday called ER!

    Hope you and your family enjoy your trip Tim.

  2. @jon_snow – Oh, I think you can make do with a week…when you are so close to being on vacation forever.

    @Mark – Alas, I’m skipping CPFC13. I need the cash for the next book project. Oh well, I’ll be back some other time.

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