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I recently turned 35 years old and got a little closer to my early retirement goal.  While I don’t always buy myself a birthday gift, I decided to do so this year.  I also had some fun of thinking about what I want.  I really don’t want any more electronics…I literally own everything I could think of using (which says a lot about my previous shopping).  Therefore I gave myself some permission to daydream a bit and I can up with an old idea: I wanted to buy a sword.

Sword?!?! Yes, that sharp pointy thing made of steel.  You see I’m a geek and have been since about 15 years old and I love reading/watching fantasy type book/shows.  It’s one of my favorite forms of entertainment.  And I have wanted to buy a sword for those previous 20 years, but it always seemed like such a frivolous dream.  After all, what can one really use a sword for…it’s something to look at and perhaps cut some branches from a tree at most.

Yet I came to realize that after paying off my mortgage, saving well and buying most my other wants…it is ok to buy that odd dream item.  $350 for a sword might sounds insane, but if you replace the word ‘sword’ with ‘art object’, it really isn’t that much different.  It’s main job is to look nice and to be honest, I only want to buy one.  It’s not like I’m starting a collection here.

Yet this is me, so I did some serious online research on who makes a good sword, where to buy them and what to watch out for.  I came to realize that there are entire classes of swords.  First up is the stainless steel type that look nice, but you can never actual swing at anything.  Second, there are the ones used in movies and stage productions which are blunted and made lighter and third there are the actually usable swords made of  tempered carbon steel.  I went for the real one, I might only swing it a few times, but it’s a dream alright.  For more information check out this article.

Then I learned there are styles from every point in history, plus copies of those used in movies.  So if you wanted a Lord of The Rings sword…you can buy one.  Needless to say it took my days just to look around at the options and further days to figure out what I like and didn’t and what I really wanted.

In the end I bought the following sword (click to see a bigger image) and after 20 years of wanting one.  After all if I have wanted one for this long I think it is a good dream to fulfill.  So did you ever buy one of your long time dreams?  If so, which one?  If not, why not?


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  1. For us it’s more about allowing ourselves to buy things we really want once in a while. We’ve started taking vacations which we never did before.
    There isn’t a specific dream purchase. But when you’re well on your way to FI some splurging should be allowed.
    To me there isn’t a big different in retiring at 45 vs 46. If we have to delay a very early retirement a little bit to have more fun now then it’s worth it.

  2. Childhood/teenager dreams that have been acquired:
    1) Austin Mini Cooper – absolutely a charm to drive, bought when I was 26, had wanted one since I was 6 years old when I saw them racing. Sold to finance trip to Europe when I was 28.
    2) Milling Machine & Lathe – useful if you tinker, but you need somewhere to store them when not in use. Ties in with the car fetish. Bought when I was 37, still owned at 51, but not used enough when there are other priorities.
    3) Afghan Hound – I’d wanted an afghan since I was 12 and fulfilled the dream when I was 42. Jagger came to live with us when he was 8 and passed away 5 years later. We will have another soon and can only hope he will be as much of a treasure as Jagger was.

  3. Nice to see someone else has the same dream of owning a sword. Thanks for the link, cuz it’s an awesome website.

    I have crossed off one of my teenage dream.

    Went to Europe 3 years ago and stayed overnight in a castle. Pretty cool to see the inside of it and how it is all done up and how the grounds are kept. Best thing completed on my things to do in life list.

  4. The one constant dream I’ve had since I was 14, which is still to be fulfilled is to get a motorcycle.

    My ex said when the mortgage was paid off, I could do it, but that relationship was very dysfunctional and I think we would have been in debt forever.

    Now, I can taste it. perhaps after debt, but before mortgage (will depend on insurance as I think it would be cheaper to operate than a car). One other thing holding me back? I promised my sister that I would wait until both our parents are deceased, as I had a cousin who was killed on a moped, my parents are / were very sensitive about it, and I don’t want my mum to worry about me because of that.

  5. I get the sword thing… I own two. A bastard sword (or hand and a half, if you prefer) named Longclaw. And a smaller, rapier like blade named Needle. If you are a fan of the Song of Ice and Fire books, or HBO’s interpretation of them, you know these blades and their respective owners, Jon Snow and Arya Stark. I am a pround geek.

    Buying such things goes against my ER mindset, but what the heck.

  6. That sword is bloody perfect! Just the perfect classic.

    If there’s something expensive that I want, I salivate and talk about it for years. (To the point where it drives my friends crazy and they start shouting, “Just buy it already!”) I could easily afford it, but it’s not in the normal budget and…. I guess there’s something fun in having the desire?

    I go to sci-fi conventions sometimes. I have an almost screen accurate Browncoat costume from the show “Firefly”, but dammit–I need the boots. These boots:

    …Someday I will break and they will be mine! 😀

  7. I just bought a 6′ wide propeller. Always wanted one. Wife doesn’t understand, but hey, she has 1000 tank tops. 😉

  8. I have always admired cottage living and thought it was outside of my financial means. Over the last few years, I have made this goal a priority. I am 31 years old and paid off my mortgage this year. With some savings money and home equity from my primary residence, I recently purchased my dream with my parents. I know ER may not happen for me now, but this will hopefully give me a balance in my life that was so desperately needed.

  9. Thanks everyone…good to know that I’m not the only irrational one out there. 😉

    @jon_snow – Ha, I’m reading the series right now. So yes I get the reference and have just finished series two of HBO.

    @Lambert Cook – Ugh, thanks…now I have another idea of staying in a castle. 🙂

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