The Tax I LOVE to Pay

I think I have a similar point of most people when it comes to taxes.  I don’t mind paying them if they provide good service, but I don’t want to pay more than required.  Yet when it comes to my yearly tax bills there is one they could potentially double and I would still pay with a smile on my face.


Yes, you did read that correctly.  I like paying one of my taxes, actually forget that, I LOVE paying this one tax.  Which one? A small part of my property tax bill is devoted to our local library system which I gladly pay and hell I would still be getting a bargain even if they doubled it.

Why? Because for the mere $200 or so I pay in tax each year I’m saving a TONNE of cash.  How much?  Well I haven’t actually tracked a full year of what we borrow from the library, but this is what we have borrowed in March alone:

  • 12 books for my wife
  • 12 kid movies (including a full season of Star Wars Clone Wars as one item)
  • 15 kids books
  • 5  DVDs for me
  • 3 book for me
  • Two ebooks for me
  • and a partridge in a pear tree

What what exactly would all this retail for?  Well it sort of hard to say since I don’t actually pay for these and haven’t in such a long time I often don’t have a clue how much someone would pay to rent a DVD.  I’ll go with a rough estimate of $4/DVD rental (based on the prices on iTunes and Google’s Play stores).

The books are  a bit more complex.  My wife tends to borrow more paperbacks than I do, but new hardcovers are really pricey, so I’ll just average them and say about $14/book.  The kids books include the little level reader ones and hardcovers so again the prices vary, but let’s average $12/book.

So in total the movies were worth 17 x $4 = $68, the kids books were worth 15 x $12= $180, and the adult books 17 x $14= $238.  Or in grand total $486 for March alone.

Now March was a bit high for books for my wife, but otherwise a fairly normal month for us.  We like to read and watch movies a lot so we tend to borrow a lot of material. Yet to be fair I’ll scale that down by 20% to be more representative of a long term average, so that would take it down to $389.  So over a year our library usage is worth $4668 for the mere tax of $200/year or over 23 times the value I pay for it. And people wonder how I’m able to live on so little.  😉

Yes the library is the best tax payment I make ever year.  Now a fair number of people don’t realize how great the library really is and thus don’t use it.  So to those people I will say: thank you for paying for my family to use all that material. Just because they are too impatient to wait for a hold to come in, I get easier access to my materials and still save a boatload of cash.

So what’s your best tax bill you pay each year?  Or what do you love/hate about your local library?

7 thoughts on “The Tax I LOVE to Pay”

  1. I’m pretty happy to pay most taxes and I love my public library. My library’s really good about buying books that I suggest, so I almost never need to buy books myself. I also like the reference materials I can access online with my library card.

    Relevant to a money blog in particular, I can access consumer reports through my library so I can make more intelligent purchases without having a subscription myself.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE to read. When I was a kid I would make daily trips to the library for new books. A full time job has slowed me down a bit but I’d be broke if not for the library. The best part is putting a book on hold, forgetting that it is on hold and then one day getting an e-mail saying it’s ready for you to read.

  3. I love the library too. Although I’m not a property owner, I constantly contribute to them through my late fines!

  4. Our county’s library system of about 50 libraries has some very good features. I can check out a book from any of them, either at the libraries themselves or by ordering it through the online system. I can also renew books right from home. The library in the next town seems to have far more of the books I want to read (and I have been reading a LOT more since I ERed) so I go there a lot to check out books instead of waiting for them to be delivered to my local library to check out.

  5. I would love to have a decent library!! For some reason the one in town here is not very nice, out of the way–meaning right downtown where parking is at a premium and it’s not free, and it’s a kind of seedy area….no fun at all.
    I do sign out books online and that is super handy when on holidays–downloading new books in Mexico was a great bonus, but would really love to have what we used to have in my old hometown…a very small community–they seem to have the best libraries!!

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