A Room Of One’s Own – Part III

The following is a series about Tim’s new study.  For the previous posts see here: Part I. Part II.

At the end of my last post I let you know I decided to blow the majority of my budget for my study on new bookshelves with glass doors.  So how do you finish a room with next to no money?  Well to start with I accepted I would be spending a bit more than my initial budget of $500, but I would try to keep it as close to that as possible.

While I was still missing a second reading chair and a footstool, I decided I wanted to get some antique furniture if possible.  So I went on a local used website and started doing some clicking.  Within no time I had found a few options.

Footstool before

One was a nice footstool with with stained fabric on it.  The guy was asking $75 and I low balled him at $40.  He took it!  Ya, one item down.  Here is a picture of what I bought.

Ugly…oh yes, but it held some potential.  So a bit of hard work of pulling out all the old staples (and realizing this footstool had been refinished at least twice before), I put on some leftover fabric I already owned and bought some cording to finish it off ($8).

Next up was my search for a reading chair.  Again I wanted something with classic lines and it had to be affordable.

ChairI love shopping for used stuff, because this item then fell into my lap for a mere $40.  Yet, I realized that I likely couldn’t afford a nice side table at this time.  So I took a old cube footstool that was around and recovered it in the same fabric as the footstool.  Cost $0, other than some of my time.

Next up was the problem of the space was far too open at the one end.  I had no separation of space between the study and the rest of the basement.  To solve the issue in a hurry and for a low price I bought two sets of ‘blackout’ drapes from Jysk for $38 (on sale of course) and reused an old curtain rod I had.  While in a basement, I don’t really need light blocking draps, but they are a heavier weight fabric which is good for reducing sound carry over and helping to retain the heat used to warm up the study.

The only remaining problem I really had for the room was the fact I needed a focal point.  This issue was solved in a rather odd way as I got a Christmas present that I couldn’t use and while in the store to return it I came across what I thought was a lovely piece of framed art.  So for just $11 out of my own pocket, I have a focal point.

Next time I’ll do the reveal of my study, the final costs and talk about how I use the space.

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  1. Awesome job with the food stool. I’ve bought so many items at garage sales or on Kijiji for cheap and refinished them and they look brand new. Heck my neighbour put a $350 Craftsman lawnmower to the curb. I picked up, cleaned it and put a new filter in it as that’s all it needed to run and it’s in mint condition. The things you can find and bring back to life for cheap really are out there if you look. Keep up the good work, looks great.

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