Net Worth – Dec 2012

The following is a update on Tim’s plan to retire early.  The current metric to tracking this goal is my net worth.  This will be the last update these posts, since once the mortgage is paid off it will cease to be useful.  Future updates will shift to a more comprehensive update in 2013.


House $377,000
Car $17,600

RRSP $30,900
LIRA $11,800
TFSA $16,600
Pension $58,700
Wife’s RRSP $32,400
Wife’s Investment Account $13,100
Wife’s TFSA $11,300
My Investment Account $6,700
High Interest Savings Account $1,200

Total Assets $ 577,300

Mortgage $0 (Paid off in 2012)
HELOC $17,600

Total Debt $17,600

Net Worth $559,700 (+$7,600 or +1.4%) [+ 18.2% YTD ]
Investment Net Worth $182,700 (+$7,600 or +4.3%) [+22.3% YTD]

I’m almost going to miss this updates, after all I’ve been doing them for about six years now.  But don’t worry you will still get to see my progress towards my early retirement goal, just in a bit different format.

A note about the car which we paid for with the line of credit.  So to keep the math simple I’m going to mirror the car value to my line of credit balance (they will always be equal values based on the LOC balance).  It isn’t correct since the car depreciates regardless of what I pay on the loan, but it also works the other way of I can pay off the loan faster than the car depreciates.  So I’m going to assume that averages out over the longer term.

Overall I’m happy with our progress during the year, my investment net worth is up by $33,300 as compared to last year which is fairly impressive growth since our major objective for the year was to pay off the mortgage.  On the total net worth front we are up $86,200 over this time last year.

Yet the work continues as I try to contribute $48,000 to our investments in 2013.  It should be interesting to see if I can do it.

Any questions?

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2 thoughts on “Net Worth – Dec 2012”

  1. Thanks for sharing these updates Tim. A couple of questions, are you invested in ETFs or individual stocks/bonds? Of your TFSAs and RRSPs, what percentage if any is in REITs, Real Return Bonds, or gold/silver. Are you investing mainly for capital gains or cashflow? What percentage of your investment growth is yeild from your saved assets versus capital gains?



  2. @John,

    Good questions. I’ll cover what I do know off the top of my head. ETFs vs individual stocks/bonds? Both. RRSP are shifting to ETFs this year (from index mutual funds) while TFSA and investment accounts are individual stocks.

    I don’t know the total portfolio values of REITs, Real Return Bonds and gold/silver. I own a few REITs directly, plus some index funds which also hold some so I haven’t added it up for a total amount for a while.

    Investment growth wasn’t broken down by saved vs gains, which is why I’m shifting formats to show this going forward. After all in 2013 I will add just about 25% to just saved, so it becomes much more significant to know the difference.

    Hope that helps,

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