It’s the end of the world as we know it

You know the end of the world is not going to happen overnight. If it did occur it will likely happen slowly over a number of years. Rome did not fall in a day in fact Rome took many years to fall. A civilization collapses over the years slowly from debt, political instability and other factors.

So while the world is still here this morning, how would you survive the end of the world?  For fun here is my guide.

1) Be Flexible – You can’t expect things to be stable so get use to change. Take work that you can do and make sure sure you have practical skills like growing a garden or making wine. Better yet start a local business for some essential item.

2) Be Debt Free – In a world that is falling apart at the seams you want to not owe other people money as that gives them undue influence on you. So pay back your friends ASAP.

3) Social Safety Net – The best currency in the world is social support from others. Make sure you have some good relationships with friends and family. So be nice to others.

4) Keep Some Savings – Your bank won’t vanish overnight so keep some cash handy to ease the transition. Some cash at home isn’t a bad idea but don’t go crazy.

5) Move To A Nice Location – I would personally head for a location with better weather. Just cause the settlers survived a SK winter without central heat doesn’t mean I want to try.

So somewhat ironically that list could also apply to your retirement plan.  So in the end I won’t worry about the end of the world…cause I feel fine. 🙂