I’ve been reorganized twice at work recently.  First up was the major corporate reorganization which left me with a new Vice President…so not a particularly big change.  Otherwise all our work and work space stays the same.  Now the department I’m in has rolled out their reorganization and I now have a new area I belong to with different work and a new temporary boss.  Overall I would say I’m keeping about 50% of my old job and getting some new work with the other 50% that is being assigned to me.

You can tell there is huge range of emotion with this change.  Some fear it, dislike it while other are into acceptance and the very odd person is excited about the change.  I’m in the last group, how?  Well the changes at work are the result of a planning document that I helped write the very earliest versions of, so when the rolled out the changes I took one look at the organization chart and it made sense to me.  While that planning document changed significantly since it left my desk, the very heart of of the why we needed to make the change was still there.  So that let me move into acceptance way faster than everyone else.  I didn’t need as much time to process the change.

Perhaps the only down side to the changes is it does present some career options for me.  Which of course leads to one of the more difficult questions to answer in life: what do you want?  So I’ll be spending some time over the holidays doing some self assessment to find that out.  What work do I like to do?  What skills do I want to develop? Where could I succeed best?  Heck even staying put means some change to my work.

What is particularly nice about this situation is I can look objectively at the work and not worry about the money so much.  I don’t need a raise to execute my plan beyond inflation now.  So after being almost pushed to make decisions regarding money first by society at large it is a good feeling to make them for other reasons.  So what work you pick if money wasn’t a big deal?  What do you like to work on?

2 thoughts on “Reorganized…again”

  1. If I didn’t have to worry about income, I’d probably do some kind of work with animals, most likely self employed.

  2. me too, work with animals, especially as “staff” for cats. I did find that looking after animals for free caused resentment on the part of the owners (guilt?) so I would charge, perhaps donations for SPCA?

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