Not Much to See Here

Sorry for not having a bit more of a substantial post for you today.  I’m redoing my retirement calculation series of posts for next week and got sucked into writing that, so today’s post is really just a few links of  stuff I liked reading in the last while.

Career and Passion are not linked.  So to the “do what you love” crowd this post was a blow, but very good reading.  I suggest watching the video if you have the time.

I loved this post by Kerry as it proves eating health doesn’t have to be expensive.

Meanwhile MMM mentioned he is off to Hawaii for the winter.  I suspect this should triggers some people’s entitlement reflex on “where are our regular posts?”  Keep in mind he actually is retired…he likes to write, but doesn’t need to.

I love this kind of post where retirees share their lives after they leave work and their thoughts on the everyday. Thanks Syd.

If you have a link to something you enjoyed reading please share it in the comments.  Just try to keep it to one link if you add too many you might get sucked into the spam folder.

2 thoughts on “Not Much to See Here”

  1. I really enjoy Syd’s approach to ER…. I hope to emulate it soon.

    Though unlike her, once retired, I don’t EVER intend to go back to work.

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