The Break

Warm summer days, great view and beer in hand…just about perfect day.

Yet what I find interesting about that scene is I could have it on vacation or at home.  The difference is what kind of break do you want to have.  I tend to find it difficult to fully relax at home as I keep thinking about things I should be doing instead of sitting down.  So this vacation we took a simple trip to visit some family and relax there.  I find it sort of odd that my idea of relaxing doesn’t involved in sitting down all the time.  I help out on projects, clean things up or otherwise be somewhat helpful while I visit people.  To me there is nothing worse than being stuck on a beach for a week with nothing to do.

So why do we need vacations?  I think it is healthy to breakup your routine a bit and get out into the world, so a vacation can do that nicely for you.  Yet at the same time I have to wonder why you need one at all after you are financially independent.  I suppose the idea of seeing new places and visiting people are still valid reasons to go on a trip, but the idea of the break itself becomes less important.

Case in point, I’m on vacation this week and I’m writing this post.  I don’t have to do it, but I want to since this train of thought has been on my mind.  So how do you get your breaks in?  Do you go away or just have a routine that helps you out?

2 thoughts on “The Break”

  1. My wife and I are having that exact problem right now. Being retired for two years, we have yet to find the time to just get away, have a vacation, or whatever you want to call it. The problem with being retired, is that we are on a permanent vacation, but after awhile it starts to feel like work.

    So, we bought a travel trailer last week and already have plans for a couple of weeks here and there before the season is over. We are also considering going south for the winter. We just need a break. Although it sounds silly, a break from doing whatever we want, so that we can do whatever we want.

    The nice thing about being retired though, is that we don’t have to work around someone else’s schedule, and can go wherever, whenever. Freedom to take the vacation. Can’t believe we didn’t figure this out sooner. Old habits die hard…..

    Everyone should take note though, after you retire, you are going to need vacations, even if it sounds silly calling them that. The human soul must get restless I guess.

  2. I am just finishing up a weeks vacation. Wondrous time… just reaffirms that I really need to quit the rat race ASAP. My wife can’t believe what a different person I am when I am not working. We discussed the situation over the past few days. We both think that if our investments are able to replace more than half my current salary, I should be able to stop working. Instead of saving our current 6k monthly, we will instead save about 4k. My wife thinks it more than acceptable if it means her husband again resembles the man she married years back. I may be done with work in a year, at age 41…

    @Rob – we went looking at travel trailers over our holiday. Couldn’t believe the quality of the pricier models. Some were nicer than our condo! My wife and I are probably going to build a little cabin instead of parking a trailer on our island acerage. It seems to me that trailers that sit stationary seem to age and deteriorate quickly.

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