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Mmm, I’m a bit unsure on how to best describe something that tends to be so far reaching, but I will make the attempt.  New Escapologist (NE) magazine, which by the way also has a blog, is best described by its introduction:

New Escapologist is a magazine for white-collar functionaries with escape on the brain.

Drawing from philosophy, literature and original humour; we discuss practical escape routes from the present-day predicaments of demeaning work, status anxiety and urban lethargy.

Each issue is a compendium of funny and practical essays on the subject of escape. We promote freedom, anarchy and the absurd.

So while the Canadian Dream blog tends to fall into the financial independence and early retirement bend, NE takes it a step further of getting out as soon as possible.  How?  Well in issue #3 which deals with the practical issues it suggests the following format as an option.

  1. Cut Expenses – Any going for FI would have already done this, but its good to start with stop buying crap that doesn’t make you happy and doesn’t serve a purpose.
  2. Save Like Mad – The more you save the sooner you can get out.
  3. Beef Up Your Skill Set – Use work as a training ground to learn as much as possible on different skills sets.
  4. After Developing a Escape Fund, Quit – Yes, rather than going for full FI, get a beefy escape fund and get out now.
  5. Enjoy your Escape – Consider it a sabbatical or long vacation rest and recharge from the horrors of work with up to half your escape fund.
  6. Seed Money – Use the remainder of your escape fund to start your own cottage industry or small business.  The idea is to have a business the covers your basic expenses leaving you time to actual enjoy living your life.

Overall I rather like the concept as it mirrors somewhat my current plan to some degree, but it just gets you out the door sooner.  It’s more of FI by starting your own business route, but that isn’t the only way ‘out’ and points out what others have done to escape the odd world of work in a cube.  I should note that they just released the entire back catalog as a PDF, so I got all six issues for $40 and highly enjoyed reading them.

Since the issues also look at the somewhat absurd things it is a fun read which I often felt was very well written.  Some examples include essays on the absurd things they teach us in school in the theory of getting a better job (which of course doesn’t get used at all), on the practical side a report card on someone’s escape just one year into their plan, and even a essay on the digital bohemian.

If you have any doubts on if you would enjoy it or not I would suggest reading the blog as you can get a good feel for the publication by the posts.  I personally enjoyed the entire back catalog and read all six issues in just a few days, but do keep in mind the publication isn’t serious all the time.  You have to laugh sometimes just to get through the day.

2 thoughts on “Review: New Escapologist Magazine”

  1. And then there’s times like this last week when I’m amazed that they’re suckers enough to pay me to do this stuff that I enjoy doing… if I could just get it down to 20-25 hours a week…

  2. There seems to be a slightly different rationale behind FI from the New Escapologist Magazine. Clearly, they don’t like working for someone else, and would rather work for themselves. Rather than being FI it seems more like a method for how to become an entrepreneur. Which is perfectly valid.

    FI to me is about not being obligated to work if I don’t have to, not starting my own business. Running a business will give me LESS free time than if I could just cut back at my current job.

    Supercharging the process could also be detrimental to my current life experience. I want to be FI, but not at the expense of my current life. I think you agree and under that paradigm, free at 45 is about perfect.

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