I’ll Pass On That

I was recently looking at job posting for my company when I came across a job that almost could have been written just for me.  I had the qualification nailed, I knew the people involved and it would likely involve a nice raise.  With a well crafted application I thought my odds of getting the job were very good.

Then I slept on the idea and woke up the next day to realize I would not even apply for the job. I decided to take a pass on even trying. Pardon?!? Why?

‘Old me’ would have applied for the job in a heartbeat because it would be more cash and I could do the work, but ‘new me’ is way more picky about who I will work for and what job conditions I’ll accept.  In this case I knew without a doubt that the new job would get repetitive which for me work wise is like Kryptonite for Superman – it doesn’t work out in the end.

Also I’m now in a position where I’ve got a great boss that is hugely supportive of my duel job situation where I frequently take off an hour and a half in the middle of the day to attend School Board related meeting.  I’m got flexibility bleeding from my ears as long as the work gets done.  Also I relationship wise I actually like my boss as a person and we work very well together.  The odds of getting that elsewhere frankly aren’t that good, so I’m being picky about where I would even consider spending my time.

So for now I’m staying put.  It’s odd to realize that after all these years what I really want from a job is fairly damn simple:

  • Interesting, meaningful work that is not repetitive
  • A boss that honestly wants my opinion when asked
  • Co-workers that I like to spend some time with
  • Independence on how I get a task done and better yet when I’m there to do it
  • The ability to learn some new skills
  • A decent pay cheque

So what do you need in a good job? Or what do you look for when evaluating an opportunity?

6 thoughts on “I’ll Pass On That”

  1. Tim, interersting post relecting some similar thoughts that I have been having. A couple of additonal items that are important to me are (1) work that is meaningful where I can create something new and of value (I hate “busy work”. repetitive work
    and administrivia) and (2) work where I have responsibility and decision making ability.

    My situation right now is almost the mirror image of yours.I am thinking about leaving a position with a safe pension within a few years of an early retirement and move to a start up company. Yes, I would leave some money on the table, but the work looks like it would be fun and if it didn’t pan out financially, I might need to work a couple of extra years to get to the same financial endpoint that I am working to now with my pension. Life is short, so everyone should not miss the opportunity to do something that they enjoy when they get the chance.

  2. If I had a job with “duel job situation” rather than a dual job situation I would get out of there quickly.

  3. no management opportunities (can’t stand the awful waste of time and inability for others to attempt making objective decisions), opportunities to improve and excel, and something to learn are my main criteria

  4. I’ve learned a similar lesson in the past. When it comes to jobs two things I live by:

    1) Work for the right people
    2) Ask the right questions

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